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my mamma quote

 “My Mama told me that sometimes people have to cry out their tears to make room for a Heart full of Smiles?

I wish my Mother had given me this advice.

For me, I was given the message it was not okay to cry.

Can you relate???

I lost my mother when I was 43,  just 3 and 1/2 weeks after my father passed away.  I was a single mother, running a Yoga studio and I was too busy to properly grieve.

It feels like this year, almost a decade later, as my heart is healing from another deep loss, that I am finally, fully, feeling all my pain.

It is both a gift and a hardship feeling with an open heart.

Sometimes I just want my Mother to talk too, to comfort me.

Since I can’t have that, I sought solace from a Goddess Amulet  Divination set I have.

I received this beautiful meditation, I thought I would share it, as it may  help someone else as it helped me today.

This meditation is a reminder that love of life, love of self, love of all beings is a powerful union that begins first in your own heart. Envision, nurture and share a healthy and whole vision of love.


How might your life have been different, if, deep within, you carried an image of the Great Mother, and, when things seemed very, very bad, you could imagine that you were sitting in the lap of the Goddess,

held tightly….embraced at last.

And, you could hear Her saying to you,

“I love you….I love you and I need you to bring forth your self.”

And, if, in that image, you could see the Great Mother looking to Her daughters, looking to each woman to reveal, in her own life, the beauty, strength, and wisdom of the Mother.

How might your life be different?

Meditation Mother and Child – Infinite Love 

Light a Candle

Bring your left hand to your heart and cover your right hand over your left.

Breathe deeply into the center of your heart and your belly.

With your eyes gazing into the center of the candle, imagine (sense or feel) an iridescent pink and green vibrations gently soothing your “Goddess” heart, pulsing from your left hand around and through your heart center, gently flowing throughout your entire body, returning into your right hand and back to your heart again, soothing your “child” heart.

Let the fiery energy of love intensify as you visualize first being the Mother Goddess and then a small child. Imagine feeling the infinite flow of love that weaves between you, the Goddess and you, Her child.

Feel every cell awaken and tingle. Before you finish, ground the energy. Direct the vibrations of love down through your feet, into the heart of the Earth for renewing love’s life giving energy.

Taken with Thanks  from “Amulets of the Goddess” – Nancy Blair


Happy Mother’s Day!



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Goddess Yoga and Womb Wisdom

Healing our Wounds with our Wombs and the Great Mother

  • The womb contains a very strong ball of energy, composed of concentrated wisdom, power and magic as old as the earth itself.
  • When the womb is clear and open it has the capacity to take in any energy and transform it.
  • In matriarchal cultures, the pelvis was the “Throne of the Goddess”
  • In the past, suffering could be brought within the womb and transmuted through the embrace of a group of women.
  • The resurgence of womb healing comes at a time when the return of the Divine Feminine is also ripe.

Together as One we -Awaken/Claim/Release the Goddess Energy in the spirit of joy; Creating a sacred space to heal our magic (womb) wells, with the use our voices, Dance, Turkish Grounding, Meditative pelvic yoga movements and a Goddess Meditation.

This workshop is from an Goddess Yoga series on woman’s wisdom and womb re-membering. It is for women of all ages, shapes and sizes who are ready to realign their lives to their feminine birthright and a new balanced world.

Workshop Facilitator:

Margarit Brigham-


is an author of a Goddesses & Golf book, a certified yoga teacher since 1996, a Reiki practitioner and a workshop & retreat facilitator. Margarit owned & operated a yoga studio for 5 years in Ontario where she certified 11 teachers. She is a long-time daughter of the Goddess, and was initiated by Love from Source, in the form of Mother Mary in 1995. She created and began teaching Goddess Yoga in 1999 and has spent many years as a student herself, studying Wicca, Paganism, Native Spirituality, Yoga, and the Goddess in all her aspects.

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