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Let me count the ways..

But first a song ~AT THE SAME TIME

SOULFUL SINGING FROM BARBARA Streisand,  you’d swear this song  was designed for us all in 2012! Fill yourself with the Hopeful, soothing words.. and imagine..with her and me and all the others who long for this reality!!

AND THAT in a Nutshell is  why Join me as we connect to the Cosmos one last time LIVE together in 2012 FOR 12.12.12 at this site


For those of you who do not know me and need an extended invitation to trust I CAN LEAD US ALL INTO ONENESS..photoofmesm


I committed to the Cosmos back in 2009 and I have been giving and guiding  hundreds of others for free, now at this crucial time, you have a chance to ride the wave of a Rebirth into the magic, grace and love vibration that this cosmic breath delivers…We have been preparing and connecting our hearts..in an actual experience…with the planets and stars to not dream IT, but be it!! Breathing Love AS ONE!


If we are going to be giving birth on Dec 21.2012 than think of this EVENT “BREATHE LOVE AS ONE  Breathing class for any labour pains THAT MAY ARISE.

MY HOPE AND QUESTION FOR YEARS WAS HOW TO I BRIDGE MY GOLF AND NON-GOLF COMMUNITY TOGETHER…THE ANSWER LIES IN THIS YOGA COSMIC BREATH….AND THE EVENT IS BEING HELD AT MY NEW ONLINE YOGA STUDIO ….Can you not see why my purpose all these years has been to connect the diverse groups at this time is crucial …all I have left from my old brick and mortar studio is this logo…and the dream in my heart….can you see313364_259410487428161_1465816822_n if I DIDN’T LET IT GO..I WOULD NOT BE CONNECTED TO THE THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS OF SOULS THAT COULD CROSS THIS PORTAL OF HIGHER GROUND…EXCITING!!! DIVING TIMING!!!



THE PROMISE OF ENLIGHTENMENT HAS BEEN GRANTED…RIDE THE WAVE..OF EFFORTLESSNESS AND SUPPORT BY CONNECTING TO THE COSMOS.. it will be recorded and there will be some first time new downloads added to this event.





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Staying committed to the Cosmos have resulted in Courage, Crystal Clarity, Certainty and finally brought my husband, myself and our friends into the still waters of a magical life!!

How did this happen?

 One’s Vibrational Energy is greatly enhanced and sped up, moving the individual into greater and greater states of Spiritual Well Being and Bliss. Manifestation of that which is wanted/needed is also greatly enhanced so it is important for those working with this essence to be very clear about what it is they desire. The individual will also gain greater clarity in regards to what it is that one truly does desire.Helps us to more fully realise and express the Divine Nature of our Being. As we do, we find that we more easily allow all of our Good that has been held for us until we were willing and able to receive it into our lives. As we take yet another Cosmic Leap forward, Miracle follows Miracle and on all levels, Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Physical, Well Being Abounds and is expressed more fully and completely in our lives. We are able to release anything from the past that has blocked or limited our Good so that we may now reap the fullness of all the Good that was promised to us from the beginning.

The Cosmic Breath is the foundational energy tool behind this new program:



AT Udemy the platform for the Magic School is having a BLACK FRIDAY SALE STARTING TODAY FOR 10 DAYS Take the course and get 60% off. The discount rate drops by 3% every day until Nov 23.

IF YOU CAN’T TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS SALE AT LEAST START YOUR WAY WITH some of the free classes AND It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!!!


This Essence is for those who are seeking to become Master Teachers (but can of course be used by anyone seeking to better understand how Divine Reality works) but first we must learn to use these Laws more fully ourselves that we can teach by example.

In teaching by example, we also attract those who see our lives improving and moving forward which naturally attracts them to ask why this might be so. What is it we are doing that is bringing more Joy and Good into our lives. This in turn helps others to open their minds to the possibilities for themselves which over the course of time shall improve their lives and then they may turn to teach others as well. Every Master of Spiritual knowledge and awareness has always used their own lives as examples to better teach others how they too can experience all that The Universe desires for them to be, do and have. So too can we emulate their example and become greater and greater Beacons of Light that others may also Heal and live with Divine Joy, Light and Love.



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Do you feel like your life is on WARP SPEED AHEAD?

Have you noticed in one short year that time has speed up?

How are you Coping?

Are you in anxiety or are you in the flow and meaningful coincidences are guiding you along the way?

The New Moon is Monday, Oct 15th and I will be doing a Free Teleseminar again to connect people to the Cosmos to help us all finish 2012 Strong!!!

On the day of new moon, the moon rises when the sun rises. It sets when the sun sets. It crosses the sky with the sun during the day.

That’s why we can’t see the new moon in the sky. It is too close to the sun’s glare to be visible. Plus its lighted hemisphere is facing away from us.

We can turn on our own lights even in the depths of darkness through the wisdom and support of the Cosmos, the Cosmic Breath is the easiest tool to access  personal power that is on the planet today!

Cosmic Breathing starts a relationship of Love with the planets and ignites that Love to come pouring down and brings insights, .. and even enlightenment by raising your frequency to unconditional love.

The Cosmos give hope, courage and help for anyone connected to cope through these fast past changes, Fears, Anxiety,

  • this simple energy tool increases intuition,

    helps you see your truth,

    become the Master of your thoughts and destiny

    brings more meaningful coincidences almost immediately.

You will come to realize that you are not merely a poor helpless human imprisoned in a body like a bird in a cage, but are in effect an integral part of the entire universe, where all fears and tensions are dispersed in the light of the cosmos.

We are given cosmic help this New Moon by having Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, in the sign of Virgo. Venus in Virgo fosters a real sense of who we are and what we value. Virgo helps Venus “belong to herself’ and it is the sign of the Virgin who is fruitful. You know, Venus/Aphrodite is the goddess of Love, Peace, Beauty and Wisdom. She is also whole in herself, containing both the masculine and feminine energies of life. She initiates Psyche, our soul, to help us grow into the person we are meant to be. Venus rules the Heart chakra, connecting us to who and what we love.

She helps us find our purpose and live our destiny…..http://www.opednews.com/articles/1/The-Cosmic-Story-Libra-Ne-by-Cathy-Lynn-Pagano-121011-140.html

I’ve come to know  that the Cosmos carry the gift of Courage.
“When we give ourselves to Courage, Courage gives itself back to us”

The key word for this Oct New Moon is; DARE TO SHINE

Date:Monday, Oct 15th

FREE TELESEMINAR…I DARE YOU TO JOIN US….and reconnect once again to being the Cosmic Citizen that you may have forgotten yourself to be!

Here is the replay link..


In Oneness
Margarit Brigham

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Enlightenment is Possible in 2012!!

Its time to release control and enter the sweetness of flow!!

Watch the video to see how I resurrected a key component to enlightenment called the “Cosmic Breath“, which links our rhythm to the rhythm of the Cosmos. They came calling to me in 2009, in the seed inspired gift and then took on a life of their own with a journalled account on this blog page.

I keep asking myself  the question “Who was Desiring Who?” I now have the a new awareness from the blogs intent to teach others how to live in Sacred Connections by connecting back to mother earth and all our relations that of course the Cosmos are included in this name and tagline..we are related to the Cosmos and the Sacred Connections form a flow of intense Love that you will never feel alone again.

Now, Nothing is going to hold me back from changing the World using the Cosmic Breath as a key to Enlightenment!!

There is a trail of posts on how to Do the Cosmic Breath, its Benefits and my compelling and cautionary tale since Sept. 09  at this link- https://sacredconnections.wordpress.com/?s=cosmic+breath

There has been little human help as I traversed this unknown path and many trials and tribulations testing me to see if I was worthy and brave enough to stick with it. I almost gave up completely, not just this path but my life and that story I shared on my radio show in Dec /11 with a Birth, Death, Rebirth Trilogy…..what I didn’t know was that I would begin a Magic School in 2012 when the Cosmos came calling again with a Higher Vision. What keeps amazing me is there is no limit to how evolved we can go..when we trust the flow. Enlightenment and the field of Oneness that is possible for us all and yes, everything the ancients tell of us of achieving the feelings of bliss is true!!

This Higher Vision came only after I took the actions steps and created the magical program….My biggest learning lesson that I wish to pass on to everyone is Action on the guidance given is the surest way to becoming awake and aware!

A cry to rebirth Magic

Welcome to a brave new vision for women of the world!!

Mother has heard your cries, she has heard my cries and now she is calling back to us with a Cry of rebirth to rebirth our magical selves and to live in the field of Oneness.

First we must acknowledge all parts of ourselves and magic is part of the equation. All men and women are multidimensional beings and to see evidence of this we only have to look at women’s altars, medicine pouches or sacred bundles to see all her different aspects of her  there.

A magic school came calling out of the blue in the spring of 2012 and as soon as I said yes the divine took care of the rest and what was born was 2 programs which I placed at the Udemy platform that show women their magical essence and how to set it free.

I am showing up to introduce you to the higher vision given to me, first we have entered a time of creative fertility, sexually, financially, spiritually and artistically. New births are abundant everywhere and our hopes of connection, balance and harmony and closer than ever to being fulfilled. Can you see it? Can you feel it?

This magic school is not so much how to programs but encouraging can do! With honest questioning and excavating into the true nature of sex, self love, intuition, energy tools and connecting this with women s wisdom her womb space, where a ball of magic energy resides as ancient as the earth herself.

It is more important than ever before for humanities evolution to have grounded and consciously aware women who are free from the falsehoods projected onto our gender as being stupid and to release years of pain, shame, guilt, fear, anger and sadness for being judged because of our intense emotions. So we can experience ourselves as we are truly meant to live as open and clear channels linking heaven to earth. This is how we can bring magic back to the land by first discovering it within. As we explore our inner landscapes we naturally grow more beautiful, sensual, radiant, healthy and youthful regardless of our habits.

There is no passing or failing only experience. And the most exciting part of setting your magic free is the joy and wonder found in the spontaneous magical moments that surprise and can leave you in Awe.

The key is shedding the old so the new can be reborn. We have been so disconnected from our heart space and womb space where the seeds of magic live in each and every one of us.

Ultimately the cry is to resurrect the female rhythm of birth, death and rebirth a place of pure potentiality, where grace lives, our authentic power and voices and potency comes flooding you. The foundation is Love and that occurs from the “Cosmic Breath” opening the heart.

Using this model we will know freedom and we can sow the seeds for others to taste it.

Even though I, Margarit Brigham am showing up as the main teacher you will meet my beloved magical man at the main program along with the 7 keys to setting your magic free. The two of us along with our closest friends already live magical lives and we know it is possible for all.

Our promise to you is to model and midwife your magical essence back to you.

We can help you be fearless and free.

You can help you, with your willingness. These are the action steps that will serve you the best. Begin by going to the link below and subscribe to the Udemy platform to take this 1st program that is free. http://www.udemy.com/preview-to-wise-women-setting-your-magic-free/

Then head over to the main program called Wise Women setting your magic free http://www.udemy.com/wise-women-setting-your-magic-free/ for the paid program. And, For the first 100 women who sign up for the purchased program use the code “Sisterhood” to redeem a discounted price.

I am eager to support and be of service to your magical self, start today to live and play in the energy of magic and be a better caretaker of yourself, friends, family, business, community and the earth.


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I first introduced The Cosmic Breath back in Sept 2009  for the First National Yoga month. I blogged during that month I did it and encouraged others to join such as: The  Cosmic Breath  during 09/09/09  and a blog with an instructional video for the Fall Equinox…now I’m bringing them forth again during the days leading up to 11/11/11.  In the meantime you are certainly welcome look up Cosmic Breath in the Search field to read more on you own. 🙂

Why is this energy tool, I sometimes call the Yoga Cosmic Breath. is useful to us at this moment in Time?

Breathing Through the Worlds Labor Pains

As a Mother I had a choice about learning to breathe through Labor pains or not..I choice to learn the different breathing techniques.  It  has occured to me the same thing is happening in our world right now. We have a choice, we can breathe through the Worlds Labor Pains right now to assist us with an easy or painful transition.


I found the Cosmic breathing in a Yoga book my departed Mother passed on to me. The book was written by Indra Devi ( A Yoginni who lived until 102) who published the book in 1963 Titled: “Renew Your Life Through Yoga”

Indra wrote;

“My own initiation into the practice came from someone far advanced along the path of spiritual development who was eager for me to pass it on to others by describing it in my books…..I hope it may benefit countless men and women I shall never know, and to whom it will serve as a connecting link between the earth and the great cosmos beyond.”


  • This Breath Charges the whole being with energy directly from the Cosmos bringing more vitality and power to the body.
  • Establishes a harmonious balance within your organism & an overall spiritual affinity between yourself and the surrounding world.
  • Brings about an exhilarating, happy and harmonious feeling that will enable you to meet calmly any situation.
  • Will help you bring radiance and hope to the lives of others.

Last but not Least:

  • “You will come to realize that you are not merely a poor helpless human imprisoned in a body like a bird in a cage, but are in effect an integral part of the entire universe, where all fears and tensions are dispersed in the light of the cosmos.”

Yoga Cosmic Breath – Connecting your heart to the energy of the sun, moon, stars, Sky, Earth, Planets, angels, the Divine,  Loved Ones who have passed .. etc.


  • Lying down, Sitting or Standing visualize your Heart as a center from which, with every inhalation You send love to  the cosmos, then with every exhalation the love returns, into your Heart centre.
  • Whenever doing the Cosmic Breath, your love should flow out to just one particular place which you visualize each time.

For example-Begin by focusing on the sun, whether you can see it in the sky or not, visualize it for a moment and then bring your attention to your heart. Inhale send your love to the sun, exhale and bring the sun’s love into your heart. Do this 3 to 5 times

Then move on to something else in the Cosmos, such as the sky and breathe the same pattern with the sky 3 times.

I invite you to join me to do this cosmic breathing to fill you with Hope  leading up to 11/11/11 , I’ve set up a radio episode to Guide those who are attracted to doing the Cosmic Breath that day at 11:00 am. I’ll Keep posting, this blog is long enough..

***Caution*** I was hesitant to Share the Cosmic Breath again because of the intense feelings and extreme changes I experienced in life.

***Solution***However, since then I discovered that if I ground myself first I, or you, will not have to go through a similar shift.

***Grounding Tip***The quickest way I have learn to ground is by using the image in the Movie Avatar:  I  imagine I have a tail, that  I can plug into the center of the Earth.

What grounding techniques do you use?


Margarit Brigham

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I Believe because I have been doing the Cosmic Breath this month the Law of Attraction lead me to this poem entitled ‘Rainbow Warriors, the Stars are Calling’…hmmm am I a Rainbow Warrior or is this a call to Guide Rainbow Warriors to do the Cosmic Breath?

I came across this blog 2012 Rising that has many versions of the Prophecy’s on the Rainbow Warriors …the blog is a good read that confirms for me that the time is now to be Sending and Receiving Love from the Cosmos. I’ve included another version of the Rainbow Warriors

Prophecy..and the Line that jumped out is “Rainbow Warriors, the Stars are calling…


rainbow warriors

This piece,  is just one telling as ascribed to the 19th century mystic Eyes of Fire, a wise-women of the Ininiwok peoples, commonly known now as the Cree Indians:

The sky is clouding, the grass is fading,
People in anguish, the dark is rising.
The Earth She writhes beneath the claws
of the minds that are poisoned

Her children tossed on the waves
of cruel desire and corruption
It could be you, don’t shrink away
from the need of the hour

Don’t turn away from the hand
stretched in pain of your Mother.
Her name means freedom, Her body earthgreen,
Her blood clear water, her voice is birdsong.

The Earth cries out, can’t you hear,
take your courage in hand now.
Our deeds must speak of the love for all beings
waxing strong now

We can’t allow the heartless ones
to destroy this great wonder
Slaughtering wales, felling trees,
with no thought for the future.

Here rule the demons, they love no creature,
Their words are poison, they weave dark futures.

Gather all ye who love the world
from distant lands beneath the tall sky
In visions past I have seen you awake the spirit moving

Gather all ye who love the world
from distant lands beneath the tall sky
In visions past I have seen you awake the spirit moving

And now the wind is shifting, the tide is turning,
The mist is rising, a rainbow forming

Rainbow warriors, the stars are calling
Rainbow warriors, the trees are falling
Rainbow warriors, the spirit dying,
Rainbow warriors, the world is crying out in pain.

And I shall never rest in peace till this cruel reign is ended
And all the children of the Earth shall be free,
Her wounds all mended.
Your time has come, make the Earth green again,
don’t delay now.

Victory has been foreseen for the people who do.
Rainbow warriors, create new Eden,
Clear rain a’falling, blue sky unending,

Unfearful faces, starlight revealing,
Small creatures dancing, glad voices singing,
Free children playing with chains that are broken,

Rainbow warriors, the future lies within you

The source – http://2012rising.com/article/the-new-children-prophecies-of-the-rainbow-warriors

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Happy National Yoga Month,

As a yoga teacher from Canada I wish to offer my own contribution to Celebrate Yoga!

From my Heart to Yours…A Heart Expansion Gift

Instructional Video on how to do the Cosmic Breath…(Happy Breath)

Join in or teach the Cosmic Breath for the Fall Equinox on Sept. 22 /09


Margarit Brigham

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