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936711_10152816467395063_561704192_n“You’re a witch, you’re a witch”, were the words I heard as I was being screamed at by my partner of eight years, who had his hands around my throat.

This was not a dream, or past life, it happened in 2013!!

That was the end of our relationship, and my life as I knew it, we went into the Hospital. We were only coming back to Ontario, from B.C. for a week, to see his father who was on his death bed, when he had his breakdown. Luckily for me we were in a taxi when this happened, the police came, I had only 1 suitcase, and for a time that was all I had of my belongings. Also, luckily, Ontario is where I am from and my family and friends were here to help me and house me.

It has taken many years to be vulnerable and transparent enough to share a little of this part of my story, of how my life abruptly changed, April 27th 2013.

Things have been up and down, up and down, for a lot of people for the last couple of years and dark clouds seemed to surround as we walk this Rebirthing of a new Earth.

Revisiting an emotion and recognizing, I can only give me the love, that only I , can give myself.

Can I accept that I do not have to like it, the most uncomfortable feeling in my body?

Can I love the lows, as well as I love the states of happiness, that I would rather experience?

Can I be the one who loves me more than anyone else?

Everything arises within us, so I can answer the call to love myself fully. transmute all the judgments of my being. Embody the vibrational frequency of Love , and I have seen, over time, the world mirrors back the Love to me.

Love clears everything in our path in 5th dimension. I now Feel this concentrated energy of Love. I’ve discovered Awakening is spontaneous and at the same time, also a long process.

Savoring the process of awakening is not to antagonize, it is meant to intoxicated us the interest of our spirit to be here and blossom one petal at a time.

How do we savor our inner Love when we are in pain?

How do I Take myself out of victimhood, to be the hero of  my own life story, and souls journey?

I Let go and let God take care of him and me, while I prayed at a distance and surrendered to a new path.

After Breakdown comes break though, I cried I crawled, I stumbled and humbled, I dragged myself through the darkness, now many years later, with more obstacles, I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The biggest spiritual practice for me to uplift myself, as been the Cosmic “Love” Breath that I have shared on this blog. Sacred Connections with the Cosmos of Transmission of Love, and liberation, it was a lot of work and a long path to heal the wounds of my throat, to be able to feel safe enough to bring my voice out into the world again.

Brene Brown says, “Vulnerability is the birth place of innovation, creativity and change”

I know this to be true.

I am still alive, more magical than ever, and helping to Awaken the Magic in other women.

Magical Margarit



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 The Cosmic Breath is a Spiritual gift and a powerful energy tool that expands the vibration, helping Humanity come back Home to their Heart and out of their Head.

Everyone is invited to a Free Teleseminar, no sign up necessary….

AND NOW THAT Equinox is over, the power an potency WON’T KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF LIKE IT DID ME….everything wants to Love you back to yourself and the Cosmic Consciousness wants it the MOST… http://tinyurl.com/d5zha42

Why come to this call?

Many people feel helpless and overwhelmed with the current Chaos in their own personal lives and with the economic, social and enviromental crises.

The Solution is to raise ourselves to our Higher Consciousness and the Cosmic Breath Featured in this teleseminar will help you not only awaken to the Fifth Dimension but help you stay focused, Clear and in Command of the lower energies that are circulating and trying to cling on to those who are not in harmony and balance with the new state of Oneness that is emerging….

You will align your rhythm, raise your vibration and most of all the Cosmos will give you Courage!

Using the Cosmic Breath and the energies of the Equinox to tap into a natural Potency and Power to Finish 2012 Strong!


~In general, the four- day period leading to and including the end of one season and the beginning of the next is a “Holy Interval.” It is an intersection of two energies. This creates a vortex, which thins the veils between the spiritual and the physical worlds. This thinning of the veils functions dynamically within the lives of any student of the mysteries. At these times, certain energies can be accessed that cannot be reached at other times of the year. This four-day interval, marking the end and beginning of the different seasons, is a time when the spiritual forces ascend in their play upon the earth.

~After this teleseminar you will begin to understand what and why things are happening in your life. Nature’s and the Cosmos will help you solve problems, be more creative to make better decisions and choices by raising your vibrational frequency. You will be lead on a new path to re-discover your greatest potentials and your greatest magic.

The call is a few days before the Sept Equinox. Acting as a doorway to connect to nature and the Cosmos to help us all further awaken intuition, making signs and messages much clearer for us and even stimulate epiphanies.

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Enlightenment is Possible in 2012!!

Its time to release control and enter the sweetness of flow!!

Watch the video to see how I resurrected a key component to enlightenment called the “Cosmic Breath“, which links our rhythm to the rhythm of the Cosmos. They came calling to me in 2009, in the seed inspired gift and then took on a life of their own with a journalled account on this blog page.

I keep asking myself  the question “Who was Desiring Who?” I now have the a new awareness from the blogs intent to teach others how to live in Sacred Connections by connecting back to mother earth and all our relations that of course the Cosmos are included in this name and tagline..we are related to the Cosmos and the Sacred Connections form a flow of intense Love that you will never feel alone again.

Now, Nothing is going to hold me back from changing the World using the Cosmic Breath as a key to Enlightenment!!

There is a trail of posts on how to Do the Cosmic Breath, its Benefits and my compelling and cautionary tale since Sept. 09  at this link- https://sacredconnections.wordpress.com/?s=cosmic+breath

There has been little human help as I traversed this unknown path and many trials and tribulations testing me to see if I was worthy and brave enough to stick with it. I almost gave up completely, not just this path but my life and that story I shared on my radio show in Dec /11 with a Birth, Death, Rebirth Trilogy…..what I didn’t know was that I would begin a Magic School in 2012 when the Cosmos came calling again with a Higher Vision. What keeps amazing me is there is no limit to how evolved we can go..when we trust the flow. Enlightenment and the field of Oneness that is possible for us all and yes, everything the ancients tell of us of achieving the feelings of bliss is true!!

This Higher Vision came only after I took the actions steps and created the magical program….My biggest learning lesson that I wish to pass on to everyone is Action on the guidance given is the surest way to becoming awake and aware!

A cry to rebirth Magic

Welcome to a brave new vision for women of the world!!

Mother has heard your cries, she has heard my cries and now she is calling back to us with a Cry of rebirth to rebirth our magical selves and to live in the field of Oneness.

First we must acknowledge all parts of ourselves and magic is part of the equation. All men and women are multidimensional beings and to see evidence of this we only have to look at women’s altars, medicine pouches or sacred bundles to see all her different aspects of her  there.

A magic school came calling out of the blue in the spring of 2012 and as soon as I said yes the divine took care of the rest and what was born was 2 programs which I placed at the Udemy platform that show women their magical essence and how to set it free.

I am showing up to introduce you to the higher vision given to me, first we have entered a time of creative fertility, sexually, financially, spiritually and artistically. New births are abundant everywhere and our hopes of connection, balance and harmony and closer than ever to being fulfilled. Can you see it? Can you feel it?

This magic school is not so much how to programs but encouraging can do! With honest questioning and excavating into the true nature of sex, self love, intuition, energy tools and connecting this with women s wisdom her womb space, where a ball of magic energy resides as ancient as the earth herself.

It is more important than ever before for humanities evolution to have grounded and consciously aware women who are free from the falsehoods projected onto our gender as being stupid and to release years of pain, shame, guilt, fear, anger and sadness for being judged because of our intense emotions. So we can experience ourselves as we are truly meant to live as open and clear channels linking heaven to earth. This is how we can bring magic back to the land by first discovering it within. As we explore our inner landscapes we naturally grow more beautiful, sensual, radiant, healthy and youthful regardless of our habits.

There is no passing or failing only experience. And the most exciting part of setting your magic free is the joy and wonder found in the spontaneous magical moments that surprise and can leave you in Awe.

The key is shedding the old so the new can be reborn. We have been so disconnected from our heart space and womb space where the seeds of magic live in each and every one of us.

Ultimately the cry is to resurrect the female rhythm of birth, death and rebirth a place of pure potentiality, where grace lives, our authentic power and voices and potency comes flooding you. The foundation is Love and that occurs from the “Cosmic Breath” opening the heart.

Using this model we will know freedom and we can sow the seeds for others to taste it.

Even though I, Margarit Brigham am showing up as the main teacher you will meet my beloved magical man at the main program along with the 7 keys to setting your magic free. The two of us along with our closest friends already live magical lives and we know it is possible for all.

Our promise to you is to model and midwife your magical essence back to you.

We can help you be fearless and free.

You can help you, with your willingness. These are the action steps that will serve you the best. Begin by going to the link below and subscribe to the Udemy platform to take this 1st program that is free. http://www.udemy.com/preview-to-wise-women-setting-your-magic-free/

Then head over to the main program called Wise Women setting your magic free http://www.udemy.com/wise-women-setting-your-magic-free/ for the paid program. And, For the first 100 women who sign up for the purchased program use the code “Sisterhood” to redeem a discounted price.

I am eager to support and be of service to your magical self, start today to live and play in the energy of magic and be a better caretaker of yourself, friends, family, business, community and the earth.


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A love story unfolded during Valentines week in many places after I wrote my last post on this blog page..”Give love to Mother Earth first this Valentines

My intent with this post is to chronicle the love story connections in one place.

Valentines Day I made a video…. and not only does it have a Yoga Cosmic Breath (love breath) to Mother Earth but I read from my journal a description of a vision I had of a Nature Deva and a message from Mother Earth, “She desires to help humanity’s pain and suffering.”

The Nature Deva Had Brown Hair mixed with Light Brown and Green, which was the length of her body and flowed around her like a cloak.

She had on cedar bracelets and anklets with bare feet and her dress was made from leaves, which came to her calves. In her hair she had a cedar wreath mixed with flowers that entwined with ivy throughout her hair.

Her eyes were like liquid pools of water, very calm at the moment, but one would suspect can become as forceful as a tide. When she moves its as if she is charged with electricity, since lighting zapped in quick flashes all around her. When she speaks, my heart skipped a beat I did not expect communication, and her voice is unlike anything I’ve heard before…she says

Earth’s Children are in pain, they have lost touch with their Mother the Earth who loves them and want to elevate their pain and suffering”. …listen to the rest that I share on the video

The real hero came out for me and simultaneously I asked about your hero throughout a special bonus radio broadcast I did on Friday Entitled “A love Connection to Mother Earth and Golf”

This message is for anyone, man, woman or child not just golfers. But for people who care about Mother Earth..her call is becoming more insistent to me, about why golf???

I wrote about it at my business blog:

Making the Links to Mother Earth, Hope, Love, #golf and the Hero inside

Posted on February 18, 2012

Replay of Radio show-


For me something magical happened that had me in hope so strong it took a while to process it.

On my last post I was pondering how this blog was set up in honor of my Elder, but it took on a life of its own with the Cosmic Breath…but on Monday the connections back to his work and message was in sync with mine…but on a much, much bigger scale


next blog will be about some of the same things my elder Dave Courchene said to the Canadian Government that I said in my radio talk.

Finally what came back after all the sharing and being a voice for mother earth was a perfect rainbow arch just outside my window..

When will I stop doubting I am a Voice for her?


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Give love first to Mother Earth this Valentines,” is what I heard in the wee hours of the morning.

I’ve spent time meditating & contemplating on these words, because it was not just a passing thought I had, but Directions from Mother Earth herself.

In contemplation~ I pondered, Why am I a voice for Mother Earth? I know as this whole blog will attest to, I was opened up to the connection of the land through Elder Dave, who’s message of Love and hope inspired me to dedicate this blog to him. But I also realized how I have loved Earth’s beauty all my life and cast my love upon her since I was a young child. I have never felt afraid to be out alone with her and because of this people have called me a flower child, and/or Hippee.  I can’t help being a pointer outer of her Beauty, even to strangers who are in the presence but not noticing. My cup never runs dry,  of gratitude for the awe-inspiring wonders, she bestows.

hmmm…we humans are a part of the earth… does this mean if I give my love to her first, I am also giving love to myself first?


While meditating, the feelings of a deep love for the earth come to me and again I reflect why have I experienced a strong bond of love with her that goes deeper than any human love. My heart has been opened from my children, granddaughter, my soul mate, the Divine. However, the connection of unconditional love I receive from Mother Earth has opened my heart the fullest and deepest. I lack the talent to express myself fully, perhaps being left speechless, is the greatest testament.

I was left with these questions:

  • Why is this not so for others?
  • Why do so many people walk with holes in their heart?
  • Why cannot others fill up as easily with the love from Mother Earth, she is present and available always?

How would you answer these questions?

I got an answer from my Higher self spontaneously an hour or so after asking the questions. What  I got was, ‘The Logical song” by Supertramp …written and composed by Roger Hodgson perfect..I said a hearty Thank you!!

The first versus begins:

“When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle,oh, it was beautiful, magical. And all the birds in the trees they’d be singing so happily, joyfully, playfully watching me.

Than they sent me away, taught me how to be sensible, logical, responsible, practical. Than they showed me a world that I could be so dependable, clinical,  intellectual, cynical.”


An “Aha” also occurred I was prompted to revisit the posts of this blog and noticed how the tagline and intent of this blog to connect to all our Relations. The Cosmos came calling, And took over most of this blog:

With a Gift of how to do the Cosmic Breath, however I have not mentioned doing the cosmic breath to mother earth in any of  them. Hmmm…is earth not a planet in the cosmo’s??

She is calling us home, can you hear?

Will you send her your love, will you send it to her first on valentines day?

Stay connected to this blog so you can get the Valentines Day post, and join me in sending Love to our Mother together that day.

Joy to you,

Margarit Brigham

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The Helix Nebula NASA Image


If you have been doing Cosmic Breath along with me, for any length of time, you would have noticed that the Cosmos can be a hard Task Master. They bring us to the Highest Highs and the Lowest Lows..

Even with all the ups and downs I continue to show up to them and the world, honestly and humbly sharing my experiences doing this tool.

But I ask you? Is it simply just a breathing tool. No, I’ve now seen and lived it, as not merely a spiritual breathing technique but a powerful, energy frequency, raising vibrational tool at the highest Caliber.

I came to mention that I learned to ground first before doing this breathing (a suggestion is in the last post) now I add it is very important to go into Nature as much as you can when you are using the Cosmic Breathing in Combination to Power Dates.  This is important to help you stabalize this energy and hold onto the Love Vibration you are invoking.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to pass on the new things and upgrades to assist with this path. Recently, I learned Saturn is a grounding planet and I was advised from an Astrologer to always begin the Cosmic Breath to this planet first.

When the fighting arrives, with my Husband,who projects his ego, I now recognize a breakthrough is close at hand to his Divine Self again.

The newest aid to use when doing the cosmic Breath is Forgiveness…and the story will be told on the 11.11.11 radio show episode of why and how it is essential to the growth and breakthrough of resistance of this vibrational frequency that occurs in those closest to us…. below is the short answer…

Caution, Courage, and an aid for you to over come the Challenges that  may arise from connecting to the Cosmos.

  • Have you noticed when you do an energy tool it helps you feel really good, and then patterns come up and it feels like you drop into the darkness. Finally  a breakthrough shifts the pattern and then we can shine even brighter. This is what happens by doing the Cosmic Breath
  • My experience when I raised my frequency back in 2009 when I first did this breath, my partner and I fought a lot… we even separated for a few months…in that time I worked on forgiveness in every area of my life and eventually, found the Ho’nopononpono a Hawaiian forgiveness tool. Now that I am doing this Breath again, we fought this past weekend. However, now I have the awareness to use the forgiveness tool, and we made up right away. Yes, its that powerful to shift the energy quickly.
  • I now have the compassion to see that when he is argumentative, a  break through is close ..but boy does he resist this high frequency of the cosmos…and he’s been on a spiritual path for many years….hmmm


Combine the Cosmic Breath with the quick Forgiveness tool

Ho’oponopono a simple, yet powerful energy medicine from Hawaiian shamanism

I’m sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank you, I Love you.

– quickie notes for the prayer:

I’m sorry that I’ve been unaware of the program that is bringing this problem into my life.
I’m sorry for whatever unconscious program I have in place
Please forgive me – I’ve been unaware
Thank you divine for taking care of the problem – thank you for clearing this problem for me.
Please clean/erase the perception of this problem
I love you returns you back to divinity – a connection to the divine

The Compelling story will be told on the radio show and why now I share this Breathe with Caution on…11.11.11

The incredible story of power of forgiveness and this silly sounding word-

The follow up tools are to go to Nature, let her nurture you….and help you hold the Love frequency you Invoked with this rhthym…the next step is Forgiveness and to use this fast practice I recommend Ho’oponopono…so it can stabilize the new Cosmic vibration. ..


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I first introduced The Cosmic Breath back in Sept 2009  for the First National Yoga month. I blogged during that month I did it and encouraged others to join such as: The  Cosmic Breath  during 09/09/09  and a blog with an instructional video for the Fall Equinox…now I’m bringing them forth again during the days leading up to 11/11/11.  In the meantime you are certainly welcome look up Cosmic Breath in the Search field to read more on you own. 🙂

Why is this energy tool, I sometimes call the Yoga Cosmic Breath. is useful to us at this moment in Time?

Breathing Through the Worlds Labor Pains

As a Mother I had a choice about learning to breathe through Labor pains or not..I choice to learn the different breathing techniques.  It  has occured to me the same thing is happening in our world right now. We have a choice, we can breathe through the Worlds Labor Pains right now to assist us with an easy or painful transition.


I found the Cosmic breathing in a Yoga book my departed Mother passed on to me. The book was written by Indra Devi ( A Yoginni who lived until 102) who published the book in 1963 Titled: “Renew Your Life Through Yoga”

Indra wrote;

“My own initiation into the practice came from someone far advanced along the path of spiritual development who was eager for me to pass it on to others by describing it in my books…..I hope it may benefit countless men and women I shall never know, and to whom it will serve as a connecting link between the earth and the great cosmos beyond.”


  • This Breath Charges the whole being with energy directly from the Cosmos bringing more vitality and power to the body.
  • Establishes a harmonious balance within your organism & an overall spiritual affinity between yourself and the surrounding world.
  • Brings about an exhilarating, happy and harmonious feeling that will enable you to meet calmly any situation.
  • Will help you bring radiance and hope to the lives of others.

Last but not Least:

  • “You will come to realize that you are not merely a poor helpless human imprisoned in a body like a bird in a cage, but are in effect an integral part of the entire universe, where all fears and tensions are dispersed in the light of the cosmos.”

Yoga Cosmic Breath – Connecting your heart to the energy of the sun, moon, stars, Sky, Earth, Planets, angels, the Divine,  Loved Ones who have passed .. etc.


  • Lying down, Sitting or Standing visualize your Heart as a center from which, with every inhalation You send love to  the cosmos, then with every exhalation the love returns, into your Heart centre.
  • Whenever doing the Cosmic Breath, your love should flow out to just one particular place which you visualize each time.

For example-Begin by focusing on the sun, whether you can see it in the sky or not, visualize it for a moment and then bring your attention to your heart. Inhale send your love to the sun, exhale and bring the sun’s love into your heart. Do this 3 to 5 times

Then move on to something else in the Cosmos, such as the sky and breathe the same pattern with the sky 3 times.

I invite you to join me to do this cosmic breathing to fill you with Hope  leading up to 11/11/11 , I’ve set up a radio episode to Guide those who are attracted to doing the Cosmic Breath that day at 11:00 am. I’ll Keep posting, this blog is long enough..

***Caution*** I was hesitant to Share the Cosmic Breath again because of the intense feelings and extreme changes I experienced in life.

***Solution***However, since then I discovered that if I ground myself first I, or you, will not have to go through a similar shift.

***Grounding Tip***The quickest way I have learn to ground is by using the image in the Movie Avatar:  I  imagine I have a tail, that  I can plug into the center of the Earth.

What grounding techniques do you use?


Margarit Brigham

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