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This is the last blog in a series from a Chapter in the Goddess and Golf book-

Chapter 7 from the book-

“How to Become a Golf Goddess”

Mother Earth -Gaia

Continued Teachings and Ceremony with Dave Courchene Jr.


Sunday July 30, 1995

Dave begins to tell us about the first time spirit came to him. He was a young boy and was very sick with pneumonia and the doctor said he couldn’t do much. Then one night three grandfather spirits came as he slept. They told him not to fear them, they were there to help him get well. They told him to trust them and they instructed him and no matter what happened to trust them. They told David to take the beaver pelt from the other room and to place it on his chest so he did this but there was a lot of pain and he started moaning and yelling.

His parents came into his room and David was clutching his chest and crying out in pain. His parents removed his hands to see what was wrong with his chest and found the beaver pelt.  Not knowing how or why he had it there they took it off him. In the morning David was well again. His fever had broken and he had no other symptoms. He told his parents about the grandfather spirits coming to visit him to make him well. His parents didn’t believe him as they had been raised Christian and didn’t know any of the old ways. He kept trying to tell them and everyone he met, but they just took it for childhood fantasies.

As he got older he started having visions and he would tell people but they looked at him with disbelief in their eyes. So David stopped telling people of his experiences. But that is not what the spirits intended him to do when they came to him when he was sick. He was shown through visions that the higher being wanted him to teach the indigenous peoples the old ways. As an adolescent he was shown how to talk to his people so they would listen and learn. Now he is being shown that he has to teach all humans, even with the disapproval of his own people. He feels an urgent need to inform people to stop harming Mother Earth. Humans have to start giving back, all they do is take. David says that people don’t realize the seriousness of our situation, especially if they live in the city. Those who live in the city get caught up in the fast pace, there’s not much time for yourself to sit and reflect. So with his closing he asks us all to take time to pray.”

Over the years my personal experiences with Dave have been closely linked to helping children, I had a vision for children and golf because of Dave and it happened in 2002.

Sacred Fire Ceremony- November 17, 2002.  

Dave came to Ontario just before the Iraq war. He told us he was called by the world leaders of Peace to light a scared fire to burn for 40 days and 40 nights. The request came for Dave and the Elders to smoke their pipes in prayers for peace. The fire was started in Manitoba and he lit one with us in Ontario. He assured us there were many sacred fires all over the world burning at the same time. This was part of his teachings at that time.  

“Help the children discover spirit. They need all the spiritual people helping them. They are our future. He cannot fathom all the children dying of disease and starvation while money is spent on destruction. Stop living in denial. We live in very challenging and exciting times because we are accelerating through spiritual growth that used to take yogis their whole life to achieve. We are now in an era of the time of truth. Look to the Native Spirituality for the proof of the strength of spirit to survive. The ancestors and the way they lived, sharing with everyone, loving everyone – that is why they invited the foreigners among them to share what they had. (We still celebrate this at Thanksgiving)  But they were only interested in the land and they could not understand the teachings. The sacred fire had to go underground. He was so grateful to be able to light one today and anytime.” 

This is what disturbs him the most about schools today, the lack of respect for the Indigenous people, that their children do not learn we are all brothers and sisters – everyone, even the people in Iraq, because we are all born from Mother Earth. The land, air, fire, water, we are a part of all these things. He likes to talk to the Grandmothers because he learns from them. He feels sorry for the youth. There are not many spiritual teachers teaching how sacred women are.  The girls are being shown the message that they are only good as marketable, not to  bring out their dreams. We are all here to fulfill the Creator’s dream of us. We as a society are not showing the girls how to connect with their inner beauty only the outer. Great Spirit has created a dream for each and every one of us. The dark forces need a balance. What can we do? Look to the Natives and how their spirituality has survived. Everything was taken from them, the white man tried to eliminate them. We  need to get back to the land, we live only for comfort not for Creator, we love comfort more then the Creator.”

Dave had a letter that he wrote for the Peace Leaders, which he shared with us that day. As he was reading it I was getting choked up, this is one of the times I did not record what was being said because spirit moved so strongly through me I had what can be termed as a kundalini awakening. Or what I termed an orgasm of the heart. I was opened up. I don’t remember what his words were but I saw words in my own head. Brigham, Young and I saw a Golf Teacher named Sam Young and I was told to work with him. Now I knew Sam had a great reputation for his junior golf program  because it was in our local paper quite often. When Dave finished talking he asked if anyone had anything to share. I said I did and it took a while to come out because I was crying, now my rational mind was judging me and couldn’t figure out why I was crying.

I said to the group that I had a vision I am to work with children in regards to golf and I had asked for their prayers at the time to help me follow through with it. I then had to go outside, I couldn’t be with people, and I couldn’t be with sound. I went out into the woods and I had no thoughts in my head for the first time in my life. Unfortunately, if you are not in a place like an ashram where you can just sit and meditate and have people are taking care of your daily needs like cooking it is not such a fun experience living in the daily grind. I had a very hard time functioning when I went home. For the next 3 days I could not work, I could not even cook a meal. I was ungrounded, floating outside of my body, which many people thought sounded so cool, and which many yogic people aspire to. But it wasn’t fun, from this experience I would only agree that it was cool if like I said you could be taken care of. I tried every way I could think of to ground myself and come back into my body but nothing helped but getting my menstrual cycle. This brought me fully back into my body. For the first time I really appreciated my monthly flow. My insight for this experience and others that I have gone through is that Grace descends down but that doesn’t mean you live in the blissful state for long periods. We are part of the Earth and we are Spiritual Beings and the two can come together but then we can also fall back to sleep by living back in our conditioning. After I was grounded, I did my best to working with Sam Young but it was not the right time. Even though I had the vision and I was pushing, it came but not my time but the universes time. It was three years later when I was blessed to work with junior golfers and to give them some of these steps to learn how to coach themselves to play great golf from the inside out. One summer I had an hour with 20 juniors from ages 8-18. It was definitely a challenge to convey my message in a way that each age group could grasp. I ended up writing a story for them and giving it to them as a workbook; “Humble the Bumble bee and the Magical Golf Course.”I really love teaching golf as a metaphor for life and how the principles of yoga and other traditions with respect for earth like the native tradition really help for both.

Sharing this one Chapter of the book was a beginning step to more..I will be sharing more of my story and co-creating a journey with the listeners and guests the second edition of the Goddess and Golf book on a radio show in Oct 2011..in the meantime you can connect on Facebook

Goddesses.Golf. Yoga Book Community-


The Book Chapter turned into 4 blogs. Here is the order if you wish to read it from the beginning.

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This blog has video links to hear Dave’s Story of a Vision he was given



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Third day of posting on Chapter 7 how I learned to love & respect myself, women and the earth from a Native Elder.


Chapter 7  Mother Earth ~ Goddess Gaia-

Connect to Your Inner Core with Yoga for Golf and so much more!

This Chapter is one aspect of the so much more…written from my journals of  my experiences with Native Spirituality.

I have worked with Native  Elder Dave Courchene Jr.  off and on since 1995.

Chapter 7  Mother Earth ~ a Greek Goddess Gaia

Gaia is a known as earth or mother earth. The Greek common noun for “land” is GE or GA

Saturday, July 29, 1995 

I awoke crying and did not want to go to the morning ceremony and cry all the way through it, so I went into the forest beside my tent instead. Later that morning I began menstruating. I was very upset, I thought, of be careful what you pray for you just might get it. I prayed to be able to cry and it was only by getting my menstrual flow that I could release tears.

Speaking with Dave, he explains about the Moon Time.

“I began by sharing how I just got my  moon cycle and it wasn’t supposed to come until next week” He said, ”It is just more proof how unbalanced Mother Earth is right now with something as dependable as a women’s cycle which is to take place every 28 days: It  is not so dependable anymore. He went on to say; “Women are very sacred because they are the givers of life. Women are to be honored. He said our moon time is a very powerful time for a woman. It affects the energy around her and of others.  When women live together nature brings their cycles at the same time, or if you were to live in a tribal community where ceremonies are done frequently as in the old ways. All women would be together and have their own ceremonies. A group of women on their cycle would overpower. David has seen dancers collapse from the energy being taken from them when there were women on their cycle in the same group. The vision quest ceremony is a very positive one, the sacred fire is positive, the sweat lodges are positive. What is discharging out of a woman’s body on her cycle may be viewed as negative in the sense it is all the old waste. That is why I need to sit surrounded by cedar as it holds in that energy.

These are the laws of nature, man did not write the law. It was set in place since the beginning of time.  Women are blessed in the sense, as it is a cleansing of their bodies. Women are lucky they go through a cleansing every month. It is something that should be rejoiced about. And all humans should respect that. If men want to cleanse their bodies they have to do a piercing. Do not look upon it as a burden. Look upon your cycle as a time for giving life and a cleansing of the body. And remember how much closer woman is to mother earth in the sense that they are both givers of life and nurturers.”  He then directed me, that I had to go get cedar and put it all around my tent.

When I picked the cedar I was to sprinkle tobacco on the tree and to tell the spirit of the tree why I needed it. The spirit of the tree will be happy to give me what I need. He told me I could only leave my tent to go to the bathroom and I could only go back to the fire for the last feast because the ceremony would be over then. He told me I was blessed to be able to go to the sweat lodge last night.  

  • I learned how to eventually love and have respect my flow….What I also learned about the Native Culture and I ask you to ponder this…How would modern women (and the world) be altered if we carried their ancient practices..of going into a moon lodge with other women the whole time we had our menstrual flow and others took care of us while we were there! Could you see a more powerful future as we women connect deeper to our intuition, Visions and Dreams in this Sacred Space?

Luckily this is last night I was able to attend and we were finally having a meal after fasting for days. The first plateful of food was given to the fire as an offering. It was very hard to wait while all food was being brought out and then a plate made up for the fire, were all so hungry, but what a great feast we had and how thankful we were for it.    After we ate David stood up to talk.

Dave told us: “We should give another prayer of thanks to the Great Spirit, Mother Earth and all the spirits that helped lend their strength to us these past few days, in order to be able to find spirit ourselves. When we have found spirit we have to keep working at holding onto it. It is a feeling within us of love and warmth. Someone told me that they tingled all over and that is the spirit with them. People will try to take your spirit away from you. When you go home, that  will be the real test, but try not to give in, pray everyday. Pray for strength, pray for  other people who want to kill the spirit within you, ask that they be shown how to find their own spirit. It is especially hard in the city to remain peaceful and loving. Pray more. People will try to take the sparkle from your eyes. Try not to give into anger or to the darkness.

 The creator made four different colors of people. Each race has a certain gift that the creator gave to them. The white race has the gift of fire. That can easily be seen by all our inventions. The lights, t.v., phone, oven, computer etc. We have everything we need to survive. Mother Earth offers us the essentials. All our inventions are to make life easier, to have more time to pursue spirit. But when are we going to stop our inventions. We don’t need anymore then we have now. But the people in the cities just keep coming up with bigger and better things. But at what cost to the Earth, and bigger and better for whose well-being.  It is a destructive path we are on with only a few people getting the message out that we are in serious need to stop destroying the planet. David tells us how he’s been to  the rainforest and how sad it is to see it disappearing. For we know what trees do for us, they give us oxygen to breathe.

The government in this country is just as bad if not worse by looking down at other countries for destroying the forests but we do it all the time. He tells us a story that in Manitoba there is a mill. There is a type of tree they use but it had some kind of disease attacking these trees. With the government’s approval they close off part of the forest and spray chemicals. Then they post a sign saying the forest has been sprayed, contaminated for a week. DO NOT ENTER. But  meanwhile they’ve killed all the other plant life in that forest; the insects, the animals  and birds that eat them. David says an elder came up to him and asked; “When did the bears learn to read?”, as they would be eating the berries from the forest.    This was all done in the name of progress. Humans have no care when they are on the road to progress. It doesn’t matter what’s in their path, be it mountain, river, animals  or other humans.

All our lives we are conditioned to think about the progress we must make now and in the future. We have to recondition our thinking to realize that everything we need to survive is provided to us by mother earth. We have to relax and enjoy each day at a time; stop rushing around and stop trying to fulfill the useless saying; “He who has the most wins” What do you win? You can’t take it with you when your time has come.

Then he tells us; “I don’t want you to quit your jobs and go live off the land or anything drastic. We all need money; it can be used for good. If we didn’t have money this weekend couldn’t have taken place. We all needed transportation to get here. It’s just a shame humans can’t say okay, we have enough. Let’s just sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor and start to recognize other humans again. Recognize the spirit in people, in animals and start sharing the earth with everything that has a purpose for being here.”

One more day of teachings still to share from this ceremony I did in 1995.

Dave Courchene Jr. his native name is, Nii Gaani Aki Inini, in English it translates to ‘Leading Earth Man” Creator of “The Turtle Lodge” A place for all races to heal and connect back to Mother Earth through Ancient Native Teachings.


Its interesting look back now that while I did this Ceremony in /95  while at the same time that year I was taking a Yoga Teacher Training Course and bartending at a golf course….hmmmm the Goddess knew what she was creating before the idea of the book was even a seed thought.

To All my Relations,

Margarit Brigham


Book on Amazon-


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My life changed on this day fourteen years ago July, 27th 1995. It was the first HUGE step in following my intuition and boy, was I scared.

Let me paint you a brief picture. I was unhappy in my profession, I had just begun my transition into a new career and was taking  a Yoga Teacher Training Course and probably because of the more intense Yoga I was learning had been having very vivid recurring dreams with animals and I was searching for answers.

An opportunity presented itself to go away for a three day Sunrise Ceremonial weekend and learn from a Native Elder. My intuition prompted me immediately but my mind played a tug- of -war game for a few weeks. My fears began with; I did not know the people running it and I had to pay them $300.00, my ex-husband would not go, he reluctantly stayed home with our children, this would be my first time away on my own without even a friend coming, and I had to drive by myself for three hours to get to the location it was being held at. If you knew me at that time I was not that courageous and it was only from all the coincidences that occured to go that had me brave enough to move forward on this venture. Never mind the sacrifices that we endured while we were in Ceremony.


Thursday, July 27th 1995 – Evening Ceremony around the fire.

“This world we live in is not in harmony. Humans have forgotten about the Great Spirit and how Spirit is in everything. The spirit in us, in the animals, in plants and all living things from Mother Earth. All the while man is taking from her, raping her. Humans think material objects will bring ultimate happiness. But in reality it is nature and all she has to offer. We have to get back in touch with nature, with Mother Earth. We are her children, she provides for us even when we treat her with no respect. Somehow humans have grown apart from spirit.

When we were just spirit the creator asked us if we would like to walk Mother Earth, we all agreed. The only thing the Creator asked of us was not to forget our spirits. When we are born into this world we give a cry of joy that we made it. But as we are growing up there are so many negative things in our way that make us forget about our spirit. The indigenous people have been trying to show other humans the way they once lived and are starting to again. They are having visions and the spirits are telling them that we have to change our ways and start getting back to nature and all the spirits in nature.”

We are outside, in the North country, around a sacred fire as David is giving his teachings over a period of days, it is dusk at this teaching and we are being eaten by mosquitoes, and we are all slapping at them.

David says to us: “There is a reason for everything on the Earth; before killing the mosquito asks its spirit what its reason is for being here. Humans don’t try to understand anymore. If they don’t understand something, they destroy it. He asks us to go into the trees tomorrow and feel Mother Earth. As we cleanse our bodies with the sweat lodge and fasting we open ourselves up more to hear spirit. We are giving up eating and drinking for a weekend for the spirits to help us, and they will reward us. It might not be this weekend but we will be rewarded.”

David explains when he talks about spirit he means it’s not just seeing signs and visions, it is also about feeling. That is what spirit really means. It’s about love. A very strong love you can feel. Happiness is the Light, Caring, Sharing and Love. That is what all humans need and crave. But we have forgotten how to reach for the love. There is too much darkness in our world right now.”

The evening talk ended with David teaching us how to pray to the directions with our tobacco.

I share with you what I wrote in my Journal this day fourteen years ago and the whole weekend teachings from Dave are in my new book “How to Become a Golf Goddess” Embrace Sacred Play and Unlock the Hero Within” The Native Path I learned from my Mentor is the reason I have learned to play in a sacred way in all that I do!

Since that year I have gone through many  scary years of transformation while learning to follow my intuition and now I can honestly say it has finally come to the point when I am excited to follow it because of the magical adventures it leads me on. I know now that I am totally safe and my intuition is my best friend.

My reason for sharing Dave’s words from the past is to hear truth and how important the message is today. Most importantly that there is hope,  I know first hand along with many others who have already transitioned  living to the New Earth and it is not scary it is A Great and Holy Adventure.



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I would like to share how to do an easy Sacred Water Ritual that can be practiced for EARTH DAY this year, or anytime.

I first learned, along with about 20 others how to do a Water Ceremony from Elder Dave Courchene Jr. when he traveled to Vancouver B.C from his home in Manitoba.Dave Courchene

It was the summer of Aug. 9th, 2008.

The day of the Water Ceremony we gathered by the Ocean with our containers of water. We were requested to hold our container to our hearts. We silently prayed in the form of  projecting how much gratitude we had for water and its many uses  in our lives. Dave asked us to try to  let the emotion of gratitude turn into feelings of love, if we could.  While we focused on our prayerful thoughts of thanks to the water, Dave smoked his pipe, prayed out loud in his native tongue and then blessed us all.

What happened was a connection of being joined heart to heart!  I felt an amazing, indescribable feeling, of Oneness. The women lead the way down to the waters edge and we emptied our blessed first, than the men released their blessed water into the Ocean. After the giving, Dave gave a talk about water and he stressed over and over for us not to discount the effects of  our blessing the water.

“Do Not Underestimate the power of praying with Gratitude”,he told us.

Dave said, “The fact of sharing our gratitude with the water will change the molecular structure of the water and change it’s essence to that of light. He told us Sharing our love and gratitude with the water and releasing it will have a ripple effect. This charged water of prayers will spread out to the waters across B.C. to Canada and the World. This blessed water goes up to the clouds and then the blessings changes to rain and comes down on the earth.” I sensed the bonding of the love that we just shared together going out and coming back to bless us all.”

Anyone can do this themselves, or better yet in a group, my words do not convey the Oneness experience justice. I somehow sense that on Earth day anyone can tap into the sacred connection easier. Since so many people are in their hearts, joining as one, with the same purpose, honoring Mother Earth.

I feel honored to be able to pass on this simple way to connect to the water.

The steps again are:

Blessing a container or even a bottle of water  with an intention/ prayerful thought  of gratitude, get into the feel as much as you can so you are filled with love for this life giving source, for its cleaning and cleansing of our bodies, our homes and the earth.

Then go to  a pond, lake, river, stream or ocean and the next time it rains you will be showered back with the blessings you gave.


Since that Aug. day in 2008 I have done my own water ceremonies,  so many times, Because  it is easy to do. I usually have water  with me when we go for walks and when we come upon a body of water I charge up my container with my deep appreciation and love then pour some out. I have even expanded to add extra blessings using Reiki  and sometimes saying positive words, like you are magnificent, beautiful etc to the water.

It has become a  tradition for me to do a water ceremony for on Earth day thanks to Elder Dave.

Will you make it yours too now?

Thank you for allowing me to share, please help my Be the Voice for these sacred teachings and pass them on….xo

Blessings, All my Relations

Margarit Brigham


The first Ceremony that Dave Courchene did when he came to Vancouver was a Lighting of a Sacred Fire on 8.8.08 to share the Anishnabe Native Prophecies of a “New Earth”.

The prophecy of the 8th fire is one of many ancient prophecies that refer to the year 2012 and the years directly preceding it… view the movie trailer on youtube:


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With so much confusion at the 8th fire Ceremony with performers not showing up and the tech guy. Both Dave and I forgot to acknowledge a thank you to those of you who voluntarily fasted for the ceremony. Below I have copied and pasted a blog that I wrote on my Yoga for Golf site about sacrifices and the benefits of fasting.

When I mentioned to Dave my request to my ‘inner circle’ on the Summer Solstice to prepare the inner space, and to fast 8.8.08 he told me a wonderful story that I will relate to you when he allows me to.  Suffice it to say it is coincidental to his spiritual teachings on fasting which are at the bottom of this blog. I Love all the synchronicity.

I have had a wonderful journey into Karma yoga this year, which loosely translated, means selfless service. So far my Yoga for Golf Company has been more about serving spirit then earning money. I have been learning to live in delayed gratification, with new awareness and wonder. I understand now, that wanting instant gratification brings misery. Part of the understanding comes from experiencing, how I am always provided for by Mother Earth. I can immediately get what I need and if I am relaxed, I eventually get what I want. If I let go in wonder on how life will bring what I want to me, it comes in it’s own time and more often then not in better ways then I expected. The teachings of yoga in the Bagavad Gita have helped with this process, this book teaches an aspirant to ‘Do and action and Let go of the outcome.’ I have also been blessed from learning to sacrifice from the Native ceremonies I have done over the years. I have received many rewards from Spirit along my path, when I do something as simple as fasting. One can find the benefits of fasting in the Yoga tradition as well, but today I am going to include teachings from Turtle Lodge. I have been given permission by the Elder Dave Courchene to now incorporate these teachings in my Manual Script. The timing couldn’t be better.  You see my manual script was at a self-publishing company that has been forced to close down, which I wrote about on my golf goddess blog http://golfgoddess.wordpress.com/2008/08/05/self-publishing/

I have not had time to find another publisher with the date of the 8th Fire Experience coming so quick. Now this delay has turned into a blessing. Not only will I add the teachings to my book, but I am also publishing it here for everyone.  I had written an email to my inner circle of 8th fire and sent the Turtle Lodge teachings on fasting to request those coming to the 8.8.08 Ceremony and if possible for the Water Ceremony 8.9.08 to fast if they can. Dave wanted me to make sure that people knew this had to be a personal choice and it can be in the manner best for each individual. As a reminder of the benefits to my group and to you the reader here are the teachings from Turtle Lodge..and Dave Couchene

Fasting gives our bodies and the Earth a rest and allows us to cleanse, detoxify and heal.  Historically, people lived on a sparse diet free from pesticides, food additives, drugs and toxins.  Today we consume more toxic substances than all the generations before us.  Levels of built-up lead in our bones can be 200 times greater compared to those excavated 2000 years ago.  Children today are born with toxic blood.  Through air, water, food and even mother’s milk there is absorption of thousands of toxins and chemicals that saturate the environment.  These toxins have affected the Earth and our bodies.
Ø    Fasting begins to help us reach a higher level of understanding life and our connection to the Earth.   We have arrived at a point in our evolution that we must stop and look at where we are going as humanity.  Is our current course one of sustainability?  Going on a fast helps bring us to a STOP to consider our future.  We need to consider our humanity.  We need to consider what we are doing to ourselves.  We need to consider what we are doing to the land.
Ø    Fasting is a way of showing love for our children.  We need to consider our children’s future.  Our children are our future.  What we do to the Earth we do to our children and future generations.  When we take from the Earth we are taking from our children’s legacy.  When we give to the Earth and to ourselves through the act of -Fasting, we are investing in our children.  We need to put our children back into the center of our lives.
Ø    Fasting helps rebalance us and reconnect us to the land.  Obesity and other health problems are symptoms of our imbalance and disconnection, and also reflect the amount of toxins and chemicals that have been introduced into the natural food chain.
Ø    Fasting will support the realization of how life is all related and connected to the Earth, and could bring in a new paradigm of thinking about our values and behaviour.
Ø     Fasting overhauls the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and urinary systems.  It helps destroy all the impurities of the body and all sorts of poisons.  It eliminates uric acid deposits

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My blog’s have replaced journaling my ceremonies with Dave Courchene, this is the first time I have not hand written in my ceremonial journal. I began this journal in 1995 and I have many recordings of teachings from Dave. The group of people I now refer to as the “inner circle” was I first introduced to Dave early this spring. They have been told the story of the coincidences of me writing a book for women and being given permission to use Dave’s teachings, which I have recorded over the years. Then last October the movie the 8th fire was released, a woman from the States was doing a documentary on him and his message. The spirit behind the project of getting Dave’s message out is very powerful and humbling to watch and be involved in. Since he left Vancouver I feel the need to share with the world his message and consequently the message of others who encourage humanity with signposts and a helping hand to move us all forward to our Divinity. As I reread this long blog, I notice how I use Dave’s message as a spring board for other thoughts and teachings to channel through me to you. So I will continue by using the fire ceremony with the movie 8.8.08 and 8.9.08 the water ceremony as the foundation…

Dave had mentioned a few times at his talk after the movie, “that in the years to come while the earth goes through her changes, we would have to begin to ‘LET GO’ of many things. It would be important to keep our spirits strong and the necessity of working to keep developing a strong spirit.” When we need encouragement he told us to, “look to the native spirituality and how their spirits stayed strong throughout life times, the First Nations had to endure almost genocide, our government tried to wipe them out.” They survived because of their strong spirits. I see, we as Canadians that have immigrated here, are infants when it comes to letting go. We have had a good life and we still can if we can release our disease of, ‘progress at any cost.’ In my journal of Dave’s teachings from 13 years ago he said, “we have enough, when are we going to stop our obsession with progress and start appreciating everything we have and are given to by Mother earth, when will we begin enjoying each other and each new day.” Since I recorded these words back in 1995 many spiritual teachers have emerged saying the same thing. It is time to stop and heal the earth, get back to our spiritual selves and our connection with all things.

Today I hear of many people feeling hopeless and that many are living in resistance to change. This is a timeless problem we have as humans. The personalities we have developed, our ego that has been fed and developed, to be aggressive, competitive, to achieve and constantly strive in this society is very strong. But the teachings are there in other societies, The Bagavad Gita is just this story. The ego not wanting to die or give up its power, to the Higher Self. And if you know this story you can see it being replayed in JRR Tolkens ‘The Return of The King.’ There is a natural rhythm to life and all we do is cling to the known. It is time to let go into the Great Mystery that has a perfect plan for each of us. Some people, who are in resistance with the natural rhythm and their own true self, do get the proverbial two- by- four across the head as a wake up call. Others are not so lucky and are suffering. But are they suffering with awareness, or because of brainwashing and habits. It has been pointed out over and over again. That this is a Free Will Universe, here’s one more way of saying it “within each of us lies the power of our consent to health, and to sickness, to riches and to poverty, to freedom and to slavery. It is we who control these, and not another.”

I took the above quote from Richard Bach’s book, ‘Illusions-The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.’ He goes on to tell a story: “Once there lived a village of creatures along the bottom of a great crystal river. The current of the river swept silently over them all- young and old, rich and poor, good and evil, the current going it’s own way, knowing it’s own crystal self.

“Each creature in its own manner clung tightly to the twigs and rocks of the river bottom, for clinging was their way of life, and resisting the current is what each had learned from birth.

“But one creature said at last, ‘I am tired of clinging though I cannot see it with my eyes, I trust that the current knows where it is going. I shall let go, and let it take me where it will. Clinging, I shall die of boredom.’

“The other creatures laughed and said ‘Fool! Let go, and that current you worship will throw you tumbled and smashed across the rocks and you will die quicker then boredom!’

“But the one heeded them not, and taking a breath did let go, and at once was tumbled and smashed by the current across the rocks. “Yet in time as the creature refused to cling again, the current lifted him free from the bottom, and he was bruised and hurt no more.

And the creatures downstream, to whom he was a stranger, cried, ‘See, a miracle! A creature like ourselves but he flies! See the Messiah, come to save us all!

“And the one carried in the current said, ‘I am no more Messiah then you. The river delights to lift us free, if only we dare to let go. Our true work is this voyage, this adventure.’ “But they cried the more, ‘Saviour!’ all the while clinging to the rocks. And when they looked up again he was gone, and they were left alone making legends of a Saviour.”

Each of you knows what you are clinging to, all answers are inside us, all we have to do is ask the question and we will become aware. Yesterday’s blog I ended with a recommendation of a book, what was really neat, was as soon as I finished writing a roll of thunder sounded. This book, ‘The Lighted Path,’ describes how a grandmother named Hawk helped a group of people become empowered, all are thunder beings and they helped many places upon the Earth shift from Natural destruction. We are living in a similar time of prophesies, since the time that book was written, before the millennium. Today we know the world did not end as many predicted, but it actually it did. We are not in the same mind-set that we were in 2000, if we begin to learn about symbols, nature’s language,  then there is nothing to fear about the world ending in 2012. Yes, it will end as we know it, and the symbols that are being shown now in these preceding years  point to a very hopeful and magical time. A time of living in possibilities and wonder, we don’t need to look far; our new science quantum physics confirms this. I feel if we really begin to believe in the saying “that we are not humans having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” We will begin to live in the childlike wonder that is so easy to access, it is possible to let go into our own unique flow. I refer to the book the ‘Lighted Path’ once again; Hawk tells her group that all humans are loved so much by nature. Everything in the natural world desires to be back in connection with us, back in harmony. Each time they paid attention to nature, nature paid attention back to them in very recognizable ways that they were heard, that the healings they sent, did make a difference. The twenty or so of us that gathered and blessed the water did make a difference. Dave said many times to us,”

“Do not under estimate the power of our work today.” He asked us to “THINK BIG”. I have seen we are all capable of many great things. It is not science and technology that is going to help us soar to the skies, or the images of space shows that beckon us to use technology to transport people. NO, it is our own spiritual nature that is right within our beings, we can learn to do many things( like flying) by becoming connected to our source. We still have not tapped into our richness, our full capabilities, we just keep creating things outside of ourselves that we as humans are capable of doing.  Are you ready to ‘THINK BIG’?  I’ll leave you with wording from the first Matrix film,’ FREE YOUR MIND FROM DOUBT AND FEAR.’



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Every time I hear visionary, Dave Courchene speak it is a different and new experience. This was revealed once more to me, I see that he is a clear channel for Spirit. He came to North Vancouver twice this year for the screening of the film the 8th fire. Each time he had a different message.  This last time, a few weeks ago, he was inviting us all to come to the Elders Gathering in Manitoba. He said, “he has searched and found three Grandmothers whom he convinced to come. They have teachings that they will share now, that have not been heard by many people. These teachings are on a girls ‘rites of passage’, as she enters becoming a woman and her menstruating years.”  As a woman, I feel this is very good news to learn and teach girls to become connected to a sacred part of themselves that has been misunderstood and disrespected for centuries. I believe so many dis-eases we have as women, with cancer in the breasts and uterus are from lack of understanding and loving ourselves. The collective consciousness about women’s bodies have only been focused on the outside and how marketable they are as sex objects.

Even though we have come so far as women, our daughters do not reflect this, as Dave said at the first screening” we are heading towards a suicide mission, it is as if we are all about to jump off a cliff and we are taking our children along with us.” So many girls are caught up on with the images of the so called “perfect body” that they are anorexic or bulimic. If you have been watching the Olympics, you can not help but notice that every country has a different body type. These athletes are in top form and all forms are different. Some may not even consider their bodies as perfect, although they are for them.

His vision of the elders gathering is to bring the children and the Elders together. This he mentioned at the screening Dave said, “there is a connection between the children and elders. The young children still remember Spirit and have a close connection as they have recently come from there and the Elders are beginning to remember Spirit because they are coming closer to their journey back to it.” What I found interesting was, here he is an Elder talking, while a toddler was in the lobby, singing away her own little tune, as if spirit was using her to bring his point home. The two need to be connected.

What I find comforting is, if I can’t make it this year to the gathering, I will make it at some point. I am also convinced if those grandmothers have passed on, their teachings can still come through at the ancient sacred site. Dave and others have already experienced hearing messages from the ancestors. The lighting of the sacred fire and the ceremonies become a doorway for the ancestors to enter and to help remind and teach those of us walking upon the Earth at this time how to live in harmony and balance once more.

In the movie there is a scene when Dave was talking to a group of girls in the Turtle Lodge and said to them” If you can find a grandmother, you will learn so much. They have so much wisdom to share.” I will be a grandmother this year and I know I will want to share so much. The main thing I am learning is to not only pass on knowledge, but how to use the knowledge so that it becomes the wisdom. I am very happy to step into the wise woman role.

At the water ceremony Dave mentioned what he feels the biggest mistake his people have made has been not to listen to the women, the mothers and grandmothers. He then included this same mistake for all men. He encouraged all of us women to begin to step up. It is time for women to lead, but not as a man, but from our own true being.” As a nurturer, we as women are closely connected to the Earth, and because we are bearers of children, we are keepers of water”,  When we are carrying a child that child is surrounded by water, water comes out first, before a baby is born.”   So he had the women and girls lead down to the water and empty our containers first, and the men to follow.  Now some men may balk at this, women now becoming leaders. But if both men and women learn more about the inner traits and the natural flow of the inner male and female, the outer will reflect the balance naturally. Are you wise enough to do this? Here is one source of Knowlegde:

A wonderful book that a women journalled about her experiences with a Grandmother named Hawk, to help you to THINK BIG.

Lighted path: a journey of transformation and transcendence

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As the millennium closes, we are rapidly approaching a point when our present way of life will be overturned by shifts in the physical and spiritual realms. Nostradamus, Casey, the Mayans, Hopis, Tibetans, and many others spoke of these coming changes, but will it be the end of our life? Or a step on a new path? Risha Henrique gives me hope that we are not helpless, and can welcome the inevitable changes if we have the courage to step off the path we currently follow. Freed of illusions, this new way of life is a Lighted Path leading to realization of the human spirit’s full potential.

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Through her journal, The Lighted Path, Risha Henrique reveals the secrets that reconnect us to the internal intelligence and allow us to become masters of our own destiny. Her message to us all is one of great hope, illuminating the path of human destiny and leading us to a higher realm of love, wisdom, and deep personal connection. It is a journey we can all share, one that will ease our passage into the next millennium. A journey that will free us of our illusions and return us to the spirit that made us divine.

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