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I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you, I love you

I use this Hawaiian Shamanism tool myself when giving and doing the Cosmic Breath technique.

Do you know the miraculous story of how Dr. Len Hew cured a whole ward of criminal patients in a hospital with these four words?

I will retell it again in a moment, but first I would like to share why I have come to use Ho’oponopono  as a companion aid to the Cosmic Breath.



I feel compelled to highlight this forgiveness tool since 100 more people listened to last years radio show episode of doing the cosmic breath on 11/11/11.
11 is THE Master number vibration and it can be a challenge for you to ground this powerful and sometimes volatile and unpredictable energy.

As our Hearts expand with the Cosmic Breath, it feels like others around us who are not doing it and/or our very own ego makes our hearts contract for a few days. This does pass, but using Ho’oponopono makes the transition to stabilize the Higher frequency much smoother and quicker.

The Miracle Story~Ho’noponopono

The Hawaii State Hospital once had a special department for the criminally insane – “a prison within the hospital.” This ward, occupied by severely mentally ill patients, murderers, and rapists, had a disastrous reputation for many years. Although many patients were handcuffed, violent assaults still occurred on almost a daily basis. Because of the extremely stressful and unpleasant conditions, many doctors and nurses did not report for work or simply quit their job, causing severe staff shortages.

In 1983, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, a student of Morrnah Simeona, accepted the position of psychologist in this hospital. Soon after, the staff became curious about this odd psychologist who kept reading the patients’ files without ever talking to the patients. Dr. Hew Len explained that he was treating the patients by treating himself with the incessant practice of Ho’oponopono. He believed that everything that was wrong in the outside world – including the ward’s patients – only proved that there was something wrong within himself. So he repeatedly used the four key sentences (I am sorry; please forgive me; thank you; I love you) to remedy what appeared to be wrong within himself. The staff, of course, was skeptical, but three years later, all of the ward’s patients who were still present had been cured. This borders on the miraculous! From an allopathic point of view, most of these patients were afflicted with virtually incurable mental diseases.


The indigenous wisdom of shamanism – in particular the Hawaiian process of Ho’oponopono – has proven to be an especially powerful tool. Ho’oponopono means “to make perfect.” It is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation traditionally performed by a kahuna lapa’au, a Hawaiian Huna priest, but anyone can perform the modern variation outlined below.

  • I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you. These four sentences can override and stop the compulsive flow of unwanted or negative thoughts and, according to the Hawaiian Huna teaching, clear away even old negative memories and programming.
  • This method is highly effective and practical because it is simple and can be done anywhere at anytime.
  • People can easily use these sentences whenever they catch themselves brooding or thinking incessantly about something negative.
  • The constant process of Ho’oponopono seems to bring about what Carl Jung would have called positive synchronicities: beneficial coincidences that seem to arise everywhere.

The Cosmic Breath Feedback

The most common thing people have been writing  me about after doing the Cosmic Breath is the value in actually experiencing the feeling of Love and Oneness!!! Like myself before I resurrected and tried this practice  many others have  read hundreds of books about love, without ever experiencing the feeling before.

And the thing that they appreciate the most from me leading them through this process is the transparency of how I am walking it, especially the difficulty with my beloved and what we have had to over come for me to keep moving this gift forward.

More Cosmic Benefits

When you do this practice and Connect to the Cosmos, it is the divine spirit reminding us of who we really are, and connects us with the Unity of creation, it opens up a gateway in our consciousness that leads us back home to the source.

However, this year the promise of being connected to the Cosmos brought an amazing surprise and bonus…we are walking and sharing how to live magical lives and a whole program developed this year to teach the world!!!

Which I named, Wise Women Setting your Magic Free  and has the Cosmic Love Breath as the foundation for the 7 M.A.G.I.C.A.L steps.

The Cosmos are coming even bigger for 12.12.12 and I will be teaching and leading this Love breath again to assist us in the Ascension process!


As always, we must sow before the reaping,

Love and Light


p.s. if this is your first visit just key in the words cosmic breath in the search box and you will get the unfolding story and how to do this powerful energy tool. If you read it like a book and do not do the practice than you will only feel your heart opening slightly….to feel the Love and expand your Heart, you must use the practice, the choose is yours….I can only point the way 🙂



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On of my Hero’s of Hope in the spiritual community is Patricia Diane Cota-Robles.

Have you heard her speak before?

I will introduce you from a piece  on her website which, she encourages people to share http://www.eraofpeace.org/ . If you resonate with her words you might want to explore more from the links I added at the end of the piece about the epic times we are living in and how to navigate through them.

Remember who you Are.

“You are a Beloved Child of God who is on Earth during this unique moment to co-create the wonders of Heaven on Earth. You are an empowered Instrument of God. This inner knowing is opening your heart and allowing your God Self to increase the amount of Divine Light flowing through your
Earthly body.
This increased influx of Light flows into the physical plane and enters the
core of purity in every electron of precious life energy. The Light then
pushes to the surface anything that conflicts with its frequencies of
harmony, love, and balance. As the discordant frequencies of energy surface to be transmuted back into Light, they often create the illusion that
things are getting worse. People can easily witness the surfacing negativity,
but what they don’t see as easily is the incredible Light that is pushing
the negativity to the surface to be healed and transmuted. That phenomenon has the effect of keeping people focused on the problem instead of the solution.
When the focus of your attention is stuck on the negativity that is coming
up to be healed instead of on the Light of God that is pulsating with all of
the patterns of perfection and the viable solutions contained in the Causal Body of God, you empower and sustain the negative things that are surfacing.
Instead of eliminating the problems, you actually intensify them. This
creates the situations that make you feel desperate, overwhelmed and
People are so used to accepting the physical plane as their true reality,
that they have forgotten it is merely a reflection of their consciousness.
No matter how real your life challenges seem or how entrapped you are in
the grip of poverty, disease, low self-esteem, loveless relationships,
hatred, corruption, ignorance, war, et cetera, those distorted expressions
of life can only be maintained if you sustain them through
your thoughts, words, actions, feelings and beliefs. If you choose to
empower the Light and all of the patterns of perfection contained in that
Light instead of choosing to empower the things that cause your pain and
suffering, your Earthly experiences will be transformed in the twinkling
of an eye.

Never has there been a more opportune time for you to change your course of direction. Never has Humanity received more support from the Heavenly Realms than we are receiving at this moment. Focus on fulfilling your dreams, and miracles will happen.

by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles


New Age Study of Humanity’s Purpose
a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit educational organization

Aug 13 -18th, 2011 Patricia held the  25th World Congress of  Illumination in Arizona for the 25th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence.

The information, love and energy and HOPE from these two links leave me speechless, Soo  inspiring and uplifting, I hope you take the time to devote to listening.


 Illumined Truth, the bigger picture during these wondrous but challenging times.



Margarit Brigham

Author of “How to Become a Golf Goddess”

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Today I awoke to a beautiful sunny day with snow on the mountains and I dropped into a contemplation….

That snow at the top of the Mountains will become our drinking water. Then it hit me..the association to  a mountain as Mother Earth’s breast and the snow being referred to as Mothers Milk.

I deeply feel the connection, Yes the sacred connection, that we are all being taken care of, every human, plant, animal..etc The element of  water  is abundant and the Mountains play a big part in keeping it this way. Today I will not take my life or the blessings in it for granted.

Its Magical… My deepest desire for this world is in the name and tag of this blog…. Sacred Connections, Connecting back to Mother Earth and the simple gift of today’s insight fills me with joyful hope.

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The peace cirlce held in Jericho Beach Park on Thur. Feb 19th was a perfect day in paradise, amidst the sun, warmth, and the spirit of Vancouver, not to mention the lovely spirits of all the people who came.

James Twyman addressed the crowd and related how the idea of  holding a Peace Circle in Vancouver was planted a year ago and it was to be fashioned after a Circle that he lead in Israel, to bring healing to the holy land.

The main difference of this peace circle was that it not based on any anti-war movement. It was more of a celebration of Peace and the energy was much higher without a group coming together with underlying  fear, tension or anger in our heart. The circle began with everyone gathered together around the presenters and then we moved out as far as we needed  holding hands with James  in the middle using a mic and we all repeated after him the twelve prayers from the major religions. He then asked us to  ground the wonderful energy by placing our hands on Mother Earth and sending it out to her and to all beings.

This quote from his  website reads, “James Twyman often says that the foundation of his work is found in the peace prayers from the twelve major religions of the world.” If you are interested this is his website link to the 12 prayers:


The Presenters were amazing and played such an important role in helping us all shift into being one heart and one love, words are hard to convey the immense love that surrouned us all. Here’s a few photos of the day and of Jericho Beach;


Margarit Brigham

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