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Today I awoke to a beautiful sunny day with snow on the mountains and I dropped into a contemplation….

That snow at the top of the Mountains will become our drinking water. Then it hit me..the association to  a mountain as Mother Earth’s breast and the snow being referred to as Mothers Milk.

I deeply feel the connection, Yes the sacred connection, that we are all being taken care of, every human, plant, animal..etc The element of  water  is abundant and the Mountains play a big part in keeping it this way. Today I will not take my life or the blessings in it for granted.

Its Magical… My deepest desire for this world is in the name and tag of this blog…. Sacred Connections, Connecting back to Mother Earth and the simple gift of today’s insight fills me with joyful hope.


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Goddess Luna Yoga

Embracing the Goddesses within and without!

  • We honour the Divine Feminine through sharing and exploring the Goddesses represented in all cultures.
  • Reclaiming the language of the Goddess that was once sacred and now has become “scarred”
  • This class is ideal for women who know they are magical beings & want to feel the ancient, wise, nurturing and  wondrously alive Spirit of the Goddess.
  • The class includes an opening and closing of the directions.
  • As ONE, we create sacred space throughout the evening with a Chant to our Divine Mother, Dancing as a warm up, a Turkish Grounding, Meditative Movement in Hatha Yoga, ending with a Goddess Creative Visualization/Meditation

I found Goddess Luna yoga to be a wonderful experience in connecting to divine energy and wisdom through sacred circle with dancing, chanting and yoga postures… A magical journey to be sure!”

~ Pamela Swan Feather

Workshop Facilitator:

Margarit Brigham- is an author of a Goddesses & Golf book, a certified yoga teacher since 1996, a Reiki practitioner and a workshop & retreat facilitator. Margarit owned & operated a yoga studio for 5 years in Ontario where she certified 11 teachers. She is a long-time daughter of the Goddess, and was initiated by Love from Source, in the form of Mother Mary in 1995. She created and began teaching Goddess Luna Yoga in 1999 and has spent many years as a student herself, studying Wicca, Paganism, Native Spirituality, Yoga, and the Goddess in all her aspects.

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Have you been inspired, healed, motivated, Loved, Awakened  or all of the above by Dr. Wayne Dyer?

This wonderful, giving. down-to earth man has been a source of changing peoples live for decades and now we can give back to him in the form of healing prayers. He has been diagnosed with “Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia”. I am so grateful to Alison Hamlin-Hughes for starting a facebook group. Blessings and thank you!

The timing was Divine as I was going to be sharing a video about Wayne Dyer in the Love Story for Humanity Video Series I began this month. I had not heard about his illness and so I share it with everyone and a ONE LOVE expereince that happened for me because of Wayne.

In this video share the many coincidences of the number 18 and why this is important to Wayne. He teaches ” the number 8 represents Infinity and when you add a one in front of it you are “One with the Infinite.”

What really had me in awe was today I was looking at a book I have by Shakti Gwain “Reflections in the Light”  it is daily meditations. I have been busy so I went back a few days and was Shocked to see Nov. 18th is on being a channel for healing. I read it at the end of the video…how perfect to do for Healing Energy you may wish to send to him.

The affirmation is “I am a clear Channel for the Healing energy of the Universe”

Join the Facebook group Alison created-and find out dates when healings will be sent to our brother.


We are All One!

Blessings and Love to all my brothers and sisters,

Margarit xo

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Blending  An Ancient Practice with Modern Technology!

I am a bit blown away by this whole process of finding the Cosmic Breath in my departed Mothers Yoga book from 1963 and the process so simple I can teach it today in 2009 on Twitter…this is a ripple in the pond..hmmm

This being National Yoga Month I am sharing a Spiritual Teaching called the Cosmic Breath during Sept. The Amazing part is I can share it most effectively on-line especially by using Twitter. I can do this in real time…and I can work smarter not harder since all my tweets go directly to my Facebook page.I have also added a hastag #CosmicBreath so people can read the teachings all in one place.

  • I have copied these 11 tweets from Sat. Sept 5th  Morning breathing exercise.

Twitter Posts-sun

  1. Good Morning my on-line Family, R you up to a Yoga Breathing Exercise? I Love this new way to be a Teacher, on-line, How cool is that?
  2. Is the sun shining where you are? It is Raining Today in Vancouver so let’s send & receive Love this morn to the Sun and Clouds , Ready??
  3. First bring Ur attention 2 Your Heart, Visualize the Sun, inhale send love from your Heart 2 Sun, exhale bringing Sun energy back to heart.
  4. Repeat sending & Receiving Love to the Sun for 3 to 5 breaths than take a few deep breaths in between. I’m closing my eyes and starting now. ( pause..if you are following along while reading blog)
  5. Did you try it?? I felt a warmth come over me, did U feel anything?? If you are online following, realize you were meant to be here now.
  6. Now let’s pay attention to the Clouds, do U ever do this , What can we learn from the Clouds? Will U try it for a few days, & let me know?
  7. Bring Ur attention to Ur Heart & Visualize the Clouds, send Love from Ur Heart with the inhale & exhale the cloud energy back 2 Ur heart.
  8. Closing our eyes we do this 3 or 5 times than receive some nice deep breaths as you relax deeper into your chair. R You Joining in with me?
  9. Nothing occurred 4 me with the breathing to the clouds, my first time paying attention 2 them. who knows what will develop over time?
  10. I have just initiated my on-line family into the #CosmicBreath that uses visualization, if U R not inwardly ready it will produce no effect.
  11. If U are inwardly ready a few minutes practice this month of #CosmicBreath will expand the heart 2 exhilarating, happy, harmonious feeling.

Questions that have been asked after posting this teaching are:

This is interesting the inhale and exhale seem backwards than what I am used to, is this right?

How to I know if I am inwardly ready?

Answers to these questions and more will be posted throughout September.

Thanks for visiting,

Margarit Brigham

Are we following each other?

Find me on Twitter—- http://twitter.com/GolfGoddess      http://twitter.com/MargaritBrigham



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Did anyone celebrate women or themselves March 8th ? Did you know it was International Women’s Day? Women have had March 8th dedicated to them since 1996. I wasn’t aware of this fact until a few years back. Check out the website for this years theme and how it is celebrated all month long.http://www.internationalwomensday.com

Today, began with me giving a gift to my Facebook Group “How to Become a Golf Goddess” -Discover a Sacred way to play and now I am extending the gift to all my media sources. The gift is based on my own personal IWD Theme.

Theme -Discover how 2009 can be sublime while connected to the Divine. My Gift for all you wonderful Women-May these creative visualizations help you as a beginning step to fully becoming the Co-Creators that you truly are! I share a CD I created that is now on Mp3 and was the bases for my Transformation into living in the Divine Magic of Mother Earth I will be sharing the Amazing Journey throughout March. You will find at my website-
http://www.golfinggoddesses.com/about.html On the page,Just scroll down until you see the C.D cover Meditation Steps to your Hearts Desire and then click on numbers 1 to 4 or the title. This CD was created in 2002 a few months after I used the principles to open my Yoga Studio…I used and still use each of these recordings since that time to live, work, and play in the Flow of the Laws of Attraction and the Path of Least Resistance. All four tracks are wonderful although I would like to particularly like to draw your attention to track number two,Releasing Blocks is the original title- It is a timeless creative visualization that addresses Fear. I have learned we have many degrees of Fear at different times in our lives. At the moment the collective consciousness is going through the fear of transformation. As someone who has walked through the darkness and fear many times I am here to share that it is an Amazing Journey and there is Bliss in the light At the end of the tunnel.

*****Transformation-******** The great loneliness – like the loneliness a caterpillar endures when she wraps herself in a silky shroud and begins the long transformation from chrysalis to butterfly. It seems that we too must go through such a time, when life as we have known it is over – when being a caterpillar feels somehow false and yet we don’t know who we are supposed to become. All we know is that something bigger is calling us to change. And though we must make the journey alone, and even if suffering is our only companion, soon enough we will become a butterfly, soon enough we will taste the rapture of being alive.”

~ Elizabeth Lesser

Learn more about the Book Group (connecting the Divine Feminine to the Game of Golf) and join by March 31st for a Free Gift. Book to Be Released Spring 2009 “How to Become a Golf Goddess”http://www.facebook.com/home.php#/group.php?gid=58621012052

Please Pass this forward-Where your Friends can Download FOUR MP3’s for Free for a Limited Time,  I will keep celebrating and sharing this gift for a while after March.


Margarit Brigham

http://www.golfinggoddesses.com -go to Campaign page for mp3’s :Meditation Steps to your Hearts Desire

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Joy to you this Day!

I hope your warmest memories of Christmas gatherings fill you with Love  this day.

I would like to gift the world with a guided meditation I created called “Steeped in Abundance.”

You can  share this meditation gift with your loved ones. However, be aware  you may be exposing them to a source of creating a magical lifestyle.


***Please note  you may need to copy above link and paste it in the top browser, sorry on behalf of this service that might not post this as a live link…Once inside just hit the thin bar beneath the title- Steeped in Abundance, you can ignore the big button that says download now****

Living in North Vancouver this year means steeped in abundance alright, steeped in an abundance of snow. This has been a wonderful gift of visual sights, very rare for this next of the woods. I am grateful for the beautiful snow covered mountains and sharing some unique snow photos with my  family and friends on facebook and even on my blogs yesterday.

The snow has brought me to feeling more in tune with the rythmn of winter, the contemplation, slowing down and so through my reflections about the snow. My wish is to help you stay connected to that child filled wonder through a meditation I created that is perfect for keeping the magic of this season alive.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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Love is inside us

We are not alone, there are so many lonely people looking outside of themselves to find Love. Love is inside us Elder Dave Courchene Jr. teaches, “Stop looking to others to find love, we all have a spirit inside of us, love is right within us.”Many Masters tell humanity, “All answers are within each of us.” I believe that is because the answers come from Love, no matter what name you chose to use: Intuition, your Higher Self, or flashes of inspiration.

The Master Osho, explains this very simply; “Turn the focus inward”, How?,Think about this…Osho says, “we are already used to watching. Everybody is watching… what the other person is doing, what the other person is wearing, how they look, what they drive. Watching is not something new to be introduced to our life, so we do not have to learn this; we watch others all the time. However this is the lowest, most superficial kind of watching. We keep ourselves completely unwatched, our whole watching is about others, and that is not of any help.”

“We can begin with the easiest form of watching :our body, watch our bodies while walking, sitting, eating, going to bed, this is easiest because it is the most solid.

Then move to subtler experiences. One should start watching the thoughts, and when one becomes and expert at watching thoughts, then move on to feelings and finally to the more vague energies of our moods.”

“The miracle of watching is that, as you are watching the body, your watcher is becoming stronger, as you are watching your thoughts your watcher is becoming stronger and so on and so forth. Watching is an eternal process, we keep going deeper and deeper inside ourselves but we never come to the end and say “I have got it!” “Anything that leads us to ourselves”, Osho tells us, is a meditation. “And it is immensely significant to find your own meditation, because in the very finding you will find great joy. And because it is your own finding not some ritual imposed upon you- you will love to go deeper into it. The deeper you go into it, the happier you will feel- peaceful, more silent, more together, more dignified, and more graceful.”

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