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 I believe, We are all born innocent, despite what I was taught with my Catholic upbringing “We are born Sinners”

160px-Theodor_Kardinal_Innitzer_-001-Do you think this Cardinal knew exactly what the Church was doing by creating a culture who told children they where  being naughty or nice during the Christmas Season???


“…..YOU better watch out, YOU better not cry, YOU better not pout, I’m telling you why…Santa Claus is coming to town
What has Santa really given us????….In all honesty, this has left behind centuries of damaged children and Adults with damaged inner child’s.

Here’s why:

  1. Think on this: As children, we are told that Santa is watching us, and making a list of who is naughty or nice.
  2. Think on this: The first half of December as adults we are preparing and feeding into this lie, with building the excitement, building the excitement. Then IMAGINE A little five year-old gets caught up in the excitement and acts it out,  full of piss and vinegar. And what do the stressed out adults do, the ones who created the over top reactions. We try to dim the child’s light and use the most damaging words. “You are being naughty, and Santa will not come.”
  3. Think on this: One year this five-year old gets a bit older and then has the deepest psychological wound of their life. This child finds out that the most beloved holidays and his favorite person, is all a Lie.
  4. Think on This: That child is now seven and has a younger brother or sister and now is taught to feed into this lie.
  5. Think on This: This child is brought to sit on a big, fat, old Man’s lap every year and prompted to ask for, “what they want for Christmas” and get their picture taken. But come Christmas morning, there may or may not be the delivered promise of the toy they really wanted. Even though they felt they were good, did all the right things,writing a letter, cleaning their room, leaving cookies and milk.
  6. Think on this: That child is now an adult and because the culture has fed him or her lies as a child. They feel powerless and go along with the Authorities, mainly the Government who make empty promises, tell lies, and have you believe you are good or bad based on how much you have.


HERE’S A CRAZY IDEA ~ Instead of Christmas next year we hold a JUBILEE
“In Judaism and Christianity, the concept of the Jubilee is a special year of remission of sins and universal pardon. In the Biblical Book of Leviticus, a Jubilee year is mentioned to occur every fiftieth year, in which slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven and the mercies of God would be particularly manifest.’

Try on this simple solution~

GETTING REAL see it for a game that it really is. We take this myth WAY too Seriously….and we are all walking around with deep wounds because of it.
Just think about how happy other cultures are that do not feed into this, they don’t have a lot to be happy, because they have each other and that is what really matters.
Why don’t we tell the children from a young age, we are ALL playing a game. AND STOP IMMEDIATELY WITH THE BIGGEST LIE, THAT SOME OLD MAN HAS THE AUTHORITY, HAS THE POWER, TO JUDGE US….
COME ON FOLKS, I MEAN REALLY, REALLY, do we need to keep up with  conditioning our 4, 5, 6-year-old children that they are naughty or nice….. because some man says so…and our parents agree with him….wow!
 I’ve started it off ..WHAT CAN YOU ADD?
  • The obvious is their names and being older men
  • Santa wears Red~ Satan wears Red
  • Santa goes down the Chimney where fire burns~ Satan is down in Hell where fire burns

Anything else you can add??

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Just because we’ve always done something doesn’t mean it’s the best thing or the right thing to do. When we know better, we can choose better.“~ Colleen Patrick-Goudrea

Whether you have a lot or a little you are LOVABLE

I LOVE YOU, we are all brothers and sisters…even if we are damaged



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April Fools Day

A lovely piece on April Fools Day

“The bitter cold winds of winter are a recent memory as the shining Sun brightly beams our way into April (this is a bit of a stretch given yesterdays winds and cold!) This is the astrological New Year and for centuries April 1st marked the New year for most of the world. When the current solar based Gregorian calendar was introduced, the New Year lost its affinity with the Zodiac. It took almost 200 yrs for the calendar to be accepted and instituted.
A few centuries later, echoes remain from earlier celebrations of joyful newness during April.The grass is a tender, fresh green, trees are budding and singing birds return to court and mate. We are giddy with delight, foolish in our desire to celebrate the sunshine and blossoming growth. We celebrate the April Fool.
April Fools Day, April 1, is a lighthearted holiday of practical jokes and laughter. Even though the origins are murky, some evidence indicates that this holiday of mockery and joking began while the calendar was changing. The fool mocked those who were laggard, resistant to change.
The idea of foolery and jesting is a time honoured and sacred tradition. In several Native American traditions, there are tricksters and sacred clowns whose path is to teach through humour and disruption. Joking, mockery, and the antics of the madman shake people out of their habitual thinking and actions moving them into new relationships with the sacred and with spirit.
In Europe, the tradition of the jester and fool is widespread, stemming from a time when there was no free speech. The fool was considered a twin soul to the royal leader, though one touched with childlike madness. The insanity was considered a sacred condition, a touch of the divine, and it exempted the fool from the normal rules, laws and codes of conduct. The fool was able to say things, point out incongruities and contradictions, and reveal hypocrisy. He did it with laughter, wild antics, bawdy jokes and rude language. In many cases, jesters and fools were the only ones who could tell the ruling classes some hard facts.
In our lives, the class clown performed these tricks for us. Modern comedians also look at life in a slightly askew fashion in order to point out ways to change. This is not always a comfortable or safe role – jesters and clowns often came to a bad end. A lot of times, our beloved class clown wound up in detention.
Folk and magical traditions tell us of the magical times and places called “betwixt and between.” Neither this nor that , betwixt and between are times and places where normal rules do not apply- the place between, the normally unseen worlds give us tantalizing glimpses of what is, what was and what is to be.
April, from its first foolish day onward is just such a magical time. Each new day – with its tender green shoots, fresh blossoms, and birds on the wing is the the time between childhood and adult. We can tap into our own inner fool, allowing the laughter, jesting and disruption to jar us out of our winter pathways and depressions. We can move our awareness inward to that tiny bright spot of madness to find where desire and delight touch. In that gossamer place, we find our way into remembered innocence, laughter, mirth, and joy. Refreshed and enlivened, zany fools, we walk out into the sunshine ready for the next grand adventure and bright new season.
This is a time to see things with fresh eyes and to hear songs as if for the first time. We are rediscovering magic, reawakening to the world of light and beauty. We are between the past and the future. We are the fool.

-from the Llwewellyn’s Witches calendar
The piece is written by Gail Wood
Have fun today being the Fool!

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Happy Valentines Day!

A meditation Gift for you….called LOVING KINDNESS  or METTA

 Do you think about giving love to yourself first on Valentines Day?

LOVING OURSELVES FIRST- Rejoicing in our own goodness fills us with joy and love for ourselves and a great deal of self-respect. By first practicing Metta toward ourselves we are building the essential foundation for being able to offer genuine love to others. Contemplating the goodness within ourselves is a classical meditation, done to bring light, joy and rapture to the mind.

Joy has so much capacity to eliminate separation that the Buddha said, “Rapture is the gateway to Nirvana.”

Imagine you are in the middle of a circle of light or an egg shell and begin with contemplation on yourself:

Reflect on the good things you have done such as recollecting times when you have been generous or times you have been caring. Perhaps you can think of a time when it would have been easy to hurt somebody, or tell a lie, or to be dismissive, yet you made the effort not to do that. Perhaps you can think of a time when you overcame some fear, reached out to someone, or had the courage to change and give something up that freed you.

Once you feel appreciation for your self repeat the Metta in your mind 3 x’s

Loving Kindness -Metta

May I be at peace

May my heart remain open

May I awaken to the light of my own true nature

May I be healed, may I be a source of healing to all beings.

 (This particular Metta I am sharing comes from author Joan “Borysenko)

If we are practicing Metta and we cannot see the goodness in ourselves or in someone else at certain times, then we reflect on the fundamental wish to be happy that underlies all action.

“Just as I want to be happy, all beings want to be happy.”

If you wish you can then send your loving kindness out to our world.

See the earth from outer space and add a circle of light around it as you say-

May there be peace on earth

May all beings hearts remain open

May everyone awaken to the light of their own true natures

May all be healed, and be a healing to all that is

Metta is based on Buddhist philosophy. recommends detachment- We are planting seeds; don’t be attached to the outcome. We form the intention in our minds for our happiness and the happiness of all. Intention is enough, don’t worry about immediate results; just as seed are planted in the spring and the harvest is in the fall. We do our work and settle back and the benefits will surely come.

May you have a Beautiful Magical day

Big Love,


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Joy to you this Day!

I hope your warmest memories of Christmas gatherings fill you with Love  this day.

I would like to gift the world with a guided meditation I created called “Steeped in Abundance.”

You can  share this meditation gift with your loved ones. However, be aware  you may be exposing them to a source of creating a magical lifestyle.


***Please note  you may need to copy above link and paste it in the top browser, sorry on behalf of this service that might not post this as a live link…Once inside just hit the thin bar beneath the title- Steeped in Abundance, you can ignore the big button that says download now****

Living in North Vancouver this year means steeped in abundance alright, steeped in an abundance of snow. This has been a wonderful gift of visual sights, very rare for this next of the woods. I am grateful for the beautiful snow covered mountains and sharing some unique snow photos with my  family and friends on facebook and even on my blogs yesterday.

The snow has brought me to feeling more in tune with the rythmn of winter, the contemplation, slowing down and so through my reflections about the snow. My wish is to help you stay connected to that child filled wonder through a meditation I created that is perfect for keeping the magic of this season alive.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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Today I am sharing a rare occurance of snow pictures from Vancouver. The pictures have been taken from Dec. 17th until today Dec. 24th. I hope you enjoy!

Come back to the blog tomorrow, Christmas day, to receive my gift to you and yours.

I will be giving you a gift of  a  guided-meditation I made that fits this time of year perfectly. You will discover a way to keep the wonder of the holiday season alive through-out the  whole year.

Double click images for a larger v.

Have a safe and happy Holiday!



p.s I posted some different photos on my other blogs

View them here: http://golfgoddess.wordpress.com, http://apps.yogaforgolf.ca

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