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This bittersweet tale is a re-telling of a Ugandan story. Unlike many how and why stories which explain the way the natural world came to be, this tale describes how our inner landscape took its uniquely human shape.

A long time ago, in the beginning of things, Worldmaker made the world. Worldmaker made the earth and stars and water and creatures. Man and Woman were given intelligence, but they did not posses Heart.

    One day Worldmaker called Sun, Moon, Darkness, and Rain and said, “My children, I have almost finished making the world. Soon the time will come for me to leave. I am going to send Heart in my place. Before I leave you, my children, I would like to know what you plan to do when I have gone. You, my bright Sun, what will you do?

Sun answered, “Worldmaker, I will become hotter and hotter, and shine upon the Earth with all my strength!”

   Worldmaker spoke to the Sun and said, “No, my child. That is not a good idea. You would burn the world with your heat and dazzle it with your brightness. No, Sun, here is what you must do. Take turns with Rain. After you warm the Earth, let Rain come and refresh it. That is the proper way to be.

And you, Rain, what did you have in mind?”

“Oh, Worldmaker, I want to pour and pour and pour and pour upon the Earth, and cover it with my waters!”

   “No again, my dear one. If you flood the Earth, all the creatures will be swept away. Instead, take your turn with Sun. You will cool and water the Earth in the proper season, and Sun will warm it again.

How about you, Darkness, what do you intend to do?”

“I want to Rule FOREVER! shouted Darkness.

   “Child, this cannot be. If you ruled forever, the creatures of the Earth would not be able to look upon the Loveliness I have made for them. No, Darkness, you will rule only when Moon is in its last quarter. Only then will you have your dominion.

And as for you, Moon, my sweet, strange child, the night will be yours to shine in. Sometimes you will shine full and round, sometimes you will make a thin crescent of light. Up and over you will go, cutting loose dreams.

So it will be forever, my children. But my time has come to leave you, and this world that I have made. I will send Heart in my place.”

   So saying, Worldmaker disappeared. Not long afterwards Heart came into the world. Heart was small and red, about the size of my fist. Heart was crying. Heart came to the children of Worldmaker and said, “ I am looking for the one who made me. Tell me where I can find the one who made this world.”

Sun, Moon, Darkness and Rain replied, “We do not know where Worldmaker has gone. We don not know where you must search.”

Heart said, “I long to meet the one who made me, but since the Worldmaker has gone away, I will enter into Man and Woman, Perhaps through them I will find the one I seek.”

And so, ever since then, every child of Man and Woman has been born with a longing to meet the one who made the world. And that is what we call Heart.

This story was given to me when I was taking my yoga teacher training as a handout while working on the Heart Chakra. It is retold by Dan Yashinsky from his book “The Storyteller at Fault” and appeared in a Toronto magazine, called Why in 1995.

My intent for writing this story is for my granddaughter but my hope is also for you, my readers, to also read it to your children or grandchildren, Young or Old!



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Free your mind of doubt and fear.” One way of doing this is with two games my partner and I discovered. The FREE GAME and switching the worry game we are hooked into, to a ‘WONDER GAME’. This may have come to me because I see life reflected in the game of golf, and because I teach how to play within playing a game, I find it easier to play the game of life.

My partner and I began playing the FREE Game a little over two years ago and we have only shared it with a few people, today I would like to share it with the world.

To play the game we  put our intentions out to the Universe, we place our order so to speak, and we let go in wonder of how it is going to come. This is when life becomes a game. We say, I wonder how we will get…..for free! Then when it arrives, we celebrate, we are so happy and thankful and then without intentions we say ‘THANK YOU Universe, I WONDER WHAT WE WILL GET NEXT FOR FREE !”  The more we stay in wonder the more the Universe delights in giving to us.

Over time, we see we do not have take everything that is presented for free and of course the Law of Attraction comes into play, since so many FREE things are brought to our attention. Our discovery first came by releasing most of our material possessions for our move out west from Ontario. This truth has been revealed in many areas for us, as we clear our clutter and begin to let go, we create space for new to come in. Nature abhors a vacuum, this can be easily viewed in our homes, if you have an empty closet it isn’t long before it gets filled up. This same principle is applied to our minds and lives.

This is what we have received for FREE thus far: food, clothes, shoes, boots, coats, car repairs, furniture, electronics, money, love, compliments, beautiful sights,  yes even Golf Clubs and countless little things that come almost instantly, it is too much to log about.


When we first moved to B.C. we lived in Salt Spring, it was beautiful there, but not much work. I was guided to come to North Van some 8 months later and we only had $500.00 and a little trailer to live in and no credit cards to fall back on. Luckily we found a place to rent within the week and my partner found a job within two days. I believe this occured because  we were not in fear of the new. We had discovered how to trust the process of living in the unknown before we got here, this was a huge blessing, such a switch from years ago. We stayed in anticipation of the new and because of this higher frequency of excitement we attracted everything so quickly, (almost our whole furnishings for free).

I encourage you to try it…you’ll like it!Whether you have a little right now or a lot.

Let go in wonder, the more you are relaxed, happy and grateful the easier the Universe can give you a helping hand.


Margarit Brigham

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Today I am posting an event that is very similar to a sacred connection I have co-created with the Goddess, Goddess Yoga. Unlike my program at this time, the one below can be for both genders. I have just received an invitation  I have not been myself, however I feel confident to share this with all of you. Any time we can add play and creativity it helps raise our vibrations to one of joy, this in turn helps release density. When we release density from our thoughts and bodies we are helping our Mother Earth with her own changes.

Sacred Circle

A sanctuary in which to meditate,

drum, sing, share poetry,

improvise, play and dance.

Come explore creative self-expression

within a supportive community.

Takes place 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month

7:30 – 9:30 PM at Satnam Yoga Centre

203 – 106 West 1st Street, North Vancouver

By Donation

For more information contact Rose at empoweredtobe@excite.com

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