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A Survivor Story

523265_361445900629914_2134978644_nThis survivor story is laid out in an “S” story, perhaps you will see some similarities in your story??

It began by a journey back to Ontario from Vancouver to say our last goodbye’s to my, then partners, father who was dying.

As I shared in my last in my last post, On our way to his parents house he snapped and surprised the shit out of me, by strangling me in the taxi.

He was sent to the hospital and diagnosed with schizophrenia and released to go back to B.C. a few days later…which left me to live in this S story;

An 'S' Story

In the Spring of 2013 I was in shock, scared, scarred, separated, stranded in a sense, with only a suitcase, dealing with sadness, stress, shame, strife, struggle, social services, suffering, surrendering, support, shy, sisterhood, shifts, striving, sorrow, set-backs, selfish, stopped and went Silent on Social Media.

I began Al-anon a 12 Step program, slogans, sponsor, step-work, service, which gave me the strength  to become strong, connected back to Spirit, Sharing, Sacred Spaces, Starting from Scratch, Stillness, Symbols, Study, student again, strength, Signs, Synchronicity, spontaneity, Soul Sisters, stories, Self-Love, Starseeds, Sensitivity, Stubborn, Silly, Secrets, Stagnation, searching, safe, secure, single, Smiles, Stretching, Savasana, Singing, settle down, Storytelling, Signals, sorry, sick, satisfied, sympathetic, shadows, structure, steadfastness, Shining, Source, Spirituality, Self-Suffccient, Success, Sensual, Simplify.

In the Summer of 2015, one Sunday on a sweltering night, I made a salad and an alfalfa Sprout slide half way down my throat.  Stupid me, I drank some water to wash it down and it lodged deeper so I couldn’t swallow. Thankfully, I had a friend over, who literally Saved my life, with the heimlich maneuver.


Then I was Shaken, stalled for days, sleeping a lot, shed some more skins, to stand before you as a Survivor.

The Storms of my life brought me on a downward spiral and then back up, delivering me home to my True Self.


The “S” story has ended with me living by Swans in 2017 and getting my Sparkle Back.

I have been blessed to learn more about the symbol and message of Swans as a totem. I even started a playlist on youtube of the Swan Story



The Swans had babies and I can totally relate to the ugly duckling story and the transformation of Surrendering and Trust to have Beauty and Grace fill my life.

I am finally Ready to Speak again, through this blog, share my Passion and purpose for Being in this world 🙂



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