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Its April Full Moon 2014 with an eclipse just like April 2013!

I pray people don’t have such swift and life altering changes that I went through last year.


Last year, this month is one I will never forget, as an Anniversary of Madness while on a Merriment Mission. How crazy is that??

What is interesting is the theme last year for people was to  “Be the Voice”. Those 3 words were what I fought to keep alive. I showed up to the best of my ability for every Full Moon in 2013 and even though I didn’t Blog I created videos that shared some of last years story.

It is a story that was too painful to share fully, I almost died last April when my Beloved went Bat Shit crazy two days after he joined me in the Full Moon, which was on the 25th last year.

There is a recording of us doing the live Full moon ritual, singing sacred songs, our intent for the children of the world…

however the first 15 minutes I didn’t have the mic on…so if you are going to watch it use the scroll button at the bottom to the 15 min mark.


Here is a video with one of the songs I collected last year, you may just find useful to sing if you are going through transition.

“Keep ur heart open and strong
you know every night needs a song
Because the journeys rugged and long
keep your heart open and strong. ”

Next I’ll share the story of how I was almost killed two days after April 2013 Full Moon.


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