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 The Cosmic Breath is a Spiritual gift and a powerful energy tool that expands the vibration, helping Humanity come back Home to their Heart and out of their Head.

Everyone is invited to a Free Teleseminar, no sign up necessary….

AND NOW THAT Equinox is over, the power an potency WON’T KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF LIKE IT DID ME….everything wants to Love you back to yourself and the Cosmic Consciousness wants it the MOST… http://tinyurl.com/d5zha42

Why come to this call?

Many people feel helpless and overwhelmed with the current Chaos in their own personal lives and with the economic, social and enviromental crises.

The Solution is to raise ourselves to our Higher Consciousness and the Cosmic Breath Featured in this teleseminar will help you not only awaken to the Fifth Dimension but help you stay focused, Clear and in Command of the lower energies that are circulating and trying to cling on to those who are not in harmony and balance with the new state of Oneness that is emerging….

You will align your rhythm, raise your vibration and most of all the Cosmos will give you Courage!

Using the Cosmic Breath and the energies of the Equinox to tap into a natural Potency and Power to Finish 2012 Strong!


~In general, the four- day period leading to and including the end of one season and the beginning of the next is a “Holy Interval.” It is an intersection of two energies. This creates a vortex, which thins the veils between the spiritual and the physical worlds. This thinning of the veils functions dynamically within the lives of any student of the mysteries. At these times, certain energies can be accessed that cannot be reached at other times of the year. This four-day interval, marking the end and beginning of the different seasons, is a time when the spiritual forces ascend in their play upon the earth.

~After this teleseminar you will begin to understand what and why things are happening in your life. Nature’s and the Cosmos will help you solve problems, be more creative to make better decisions and choices by raising your vibrational frequency. You will be lead on a new path to re-discover your greatest potentials and your greatest magic.

The call is a few days before the Sept Equinox. Acting as a doorway to connect to nature and the Cosmos to help us all further awaken intuition, making signs and messages much clearer for us and even stimulate epiphanies.


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The Cosmos are Calling and the  journey of the incredible story of Cosmic Breath has Compelled me to Call out to our human family yet another Sept. with a serious invitation to join this great spiritual quest, to finish 2012 Strong!

A message of Potency and Power that occurred after the Blue Moon, the second Full Moon in Aug. It had such break-though energy and showed up with a totem the next day…The first video is the 29 geese and the second video is my husband reading the meaning of Goose…Keynote message is: Heed the Call of the Quest.

These two videos have begun the Call for you to join us in a magical lifestyle and for us all to join together to Finish 2012 Strong.

Now for the printed version of what my husband just read from Ted Andrews~ Animal Wise Tarot book.

Goose” ~ Heed the Call of the Quest.

Geese are migratory birds. Their leaving in the  autumn stirs the imagination and inspires us to seek out new worlds and dimensions. Their honking is an invitation to follow them on the great spiritual quest, a journey that hints of fulfilled promises and dreams which only great quests can bring.

The sacred quest is a journey to find our spiritual essence and how best to express it within our lives. All quests bring transformation,enabling us to break free of restraints and to come into our own power. When Goose appears,we can expect to have our imaginations stirred toward new ideas, new travels, new dimensions-whether of the body or of the mind.

All geese have very keen vision. When Goose appears, our own vision will improve, our physical vision as well as our spiritual vision. We will begin to see what possibilities lie ahead of us. To grasp those possibilities, we must loosen our grip upon things of the past, leaving them behind. Whatever is lost or left behind will be found again later, for whoever goes upon a quest will succeed.

When Goose migrates into our life, we are being invited to experience new wonders and new possibilities. The opportunity for great adventure and fertility should be acted upon.

The goose epitomizes the mystery of migration. They constantly shift patterns, creating drafts and easier flights for those behind them, reminding us that those who embark upon quests make it easier for others to do so…..that last line is the one that touched my husbands heart…

Much more to come on the Cosmic Breath and the Sept Equinox..for the magic, it has never been more important to live it than now….

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