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A love story unfolded during Valentines week in many places after I wrote my last post on this blog page..”Give love to Mother Earth first this Valentines

My intent with this post is to chronicle the love story connections in one place.

Valentines Day I made a video…. and not only does it have a Yoga Cosmic Breath (love breath) to Mother Earth but I read from my journal a description of a vision I had of a Nature Deva and a message from Mother Earth, “She desires to help humanity’s pain and suffering.”

The Nature Deva Had Brown Hair mixed with Light Brown and Green, which was the length of her body and flowed around her like a cloak.

She had on cedar bracelets and anklets with bare feet and her dress was made from leaves, which came to her calves. In her hair she had a cedar wreath mixed with flowers that entwined with ivy throughout her hair.

Her eyes were like liquid pools of water, very calm at the moment, but one would suspect can become as forceful as a tide. When she moves its as if she is charged with electricity, since lighting zapped in quick flashes all around her. When she speaks, my heart skipped a beat I did not expect communication, and her voice is unlike anything I’ve heard before…she says

Earth’s Children are in pain, they have lost touch with their Mother the Earth who loves them and want to elevate their pain and suffering”. …listen to the rest that I share on the video

The real hero came out for me and simultaneously I asked about your hero throughout a special bonus radio broadcast I did on Friday Entitled “A love Connection to Mother Earth and Golf”

This message is for anyone, man, woman or child not just golfers. But for people who care about Mother Earth..her call is becoming more insistent to me, about why golf???

I wrote about it at my business blog:

Making the Links to Mother Earth, Hope, Love, #golf and the Hero inside

Posted on February 18, 2012

Replay of Radio show-


For me something magical happened that had me in hope so strong it took a while to process it.

On my last post I was pondering how this blog was set up in honor of my Elder, but it took on a life of its own with the Cosmic Breath…but on Monday the connections back to his work and message was in sync with mine…but on a much, much bigger scale


next blog will be about some of the same things my elder Dave Courchene said to the Canadian Government that I said in my radio talk.

Finally what came back after all the sharing and being a voice for mother earth was a perfect rainbow arch just outside my window..

When will I stop doubting I am a Voice for her?



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Give love first to Mother Earth this Valentines,” is what I heard in the wee hours of the morning.

I’ve spent time meditating & contemplating on these words, because it was not just a passing thought I had, but Directions from Mother Earth herself.

In contemplation~ I pondered, Why am I a voice for Mother Earth? I know as this whole blog will attest to, I was opened up to the connection of the land through Elder Dave, who’s message of Love and hope inspired me to dedicate this blog to him. But I also realized how I have loved Earth’s beauty all my life and cast my love upon her since I was a young child. I have never felt afraid to be out alone with her and because of this people have called me a flower child, and/or Hippee.  I can’t help being a pointer outer of her Beauty, even to strangers who are in the presence but not noticing. My cup never runs dry,  of gratitude for the awe-inspiring wonders, she bestows.

hmmm…we humans are a part of the earth… does this mean if I give my love to her first, I am also giving love to myself first?


While meditating, the feelings of a deep love for the earth come to me and again I reflect why have I experienced a strong bond of love with her that goes deeper than any human love. My heart has been opened from my children, granddaughter, my soul mate, the Divine. However, the connection of unconditional love I receive from Mother Earth has opened my heart the fullest and deepest. I lack the talent to express myself fully, perhaps being left speechless, is the greatest testament.

I was left with these questions:

  • Why is this not so for others?
  • Why do so many people walk with holes in their heart?
  • Why cannot others fill up as easily with the love from Mother Earth, she is present and available always?

How would you answer these questions?

I got an answer from my Higher self spontaneously an hour or so after asking the questions. What  I got was, ‘The Logical song” by Supertramp …written and composed by Roger Hodgson perfect..I said a hearty Thank you!!

The first versus begins:

“When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle,oh, it was beautiful, magical. And all the birds in the trees they’d be singing so happily, joyfully, playfully watching me.

Than they sent me away, taught me how to be sensible, logical, responsible, practical. Than they showed me a world that I could be so dependable, clinical,  intellectual, cynical.”


An “Aha” also occurred I was prompted to revisit the posts of this blog and noticed how the tagline and intent of this blog to connect to all our Relations. The Cosmos came calling, And took over most of this blog:

With a Gift of how to do the Cosmic Breath, however I have not mentioned doing the cosmic breath to mother earth in any of  them. Hmmm…is earth not a planet in the cosmo’s??

She is calling us home, can you hear?

Will you send her your love, will you send it to her first on valentines day?

Stay connected to this blog so you can get the Valentines Day post, and join me in sending Love to our Mother together that day.

Joy to you,

Margarit Brigham

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