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Blessing and Joy to you this Day..Today is a Portal for Oneness!!

In numerology, 11 is considered a Master Number and is said to hold an angelic vibration that makes wishes and dreams manifest more easily.

11 is also believed to be the number of Spiritual Awakenings and signifies the rising of consciousness.

The Oneness and Cosmic connection was created on today’s radio show, Tune in and feel the Love as it is present now and in the days to come.

The Energy was so High it cut off the broadcast for a few minutes.


I invite you too, to experience the warmth, and Love, bath over You.

On the 11th day of the 11th month of the 11 year, this energy is amplified, making this date highly magical and auspicious for all of us.

Cosmic Breath I invite you to try it anytime to fill you with Radiance, Vitality and Joy +++ you’ll hear more benefits on the episode.

We gave and received  our Love energy to 7 planets  and the sun because of time  restrictions. This show  is a good launching place to start  you off and then you can add more of the Cosmos on your own.

We are all being called to get creative and think bigger. We are all being called to learn how to play again and to relax into the joy and temporariness of life.

Life is really a game, yet sometimes we get so caught up in the drama and seriousness that we forget to play!

I invite you to Play in the unfolding creation of the Cosmos and call upon them to be your Allies.

In Love and Joy




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