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Blessing and Joy to you this Day..Some call it a Portal for Oneness!! The Oneness and connection was created on the show today!!! Woohooo thank you to the Cosmos for pushing me to be a messenger!

I just finished a radio episode of teaching/doing the Cosmic Breathing and I am so grateful for the listeners who did it live with me…Wow such a warm, and powerful heart opening energy was created and bathed over me…I am sure for them too. Its times like this that  receiving the spiritual rewards far out way the material rewards.

This Yoga Cosmic Breathing is a very powerful energy tool…actually I got cut off at the beginning of the show..but got reconnected again. So it is now a perfectly, imperfect action step. There is got to be a good lesson in that!!

I’m posting the recorded link for those of you visiting this blog and perhaps coming back after reading the many other posts on the Cosmic Breath. I invite you to try it anytime to fill you with Radiance, Vitality and Joy +++ you’ll hear more benefits on the episode.

We gave and received  our Love energy to 7 planets  and the sun because of time  restrictions. This show  is a good launching place to start  you off and then you can add more of the Cosmos on your own.



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