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If you have been doing Cosmic Breath along with me, for any length of time, you would have noticed that the Cosmos can be a hard Task Master. They bring us to the Highest Highs and the Lowest Lows..

Even with all the ups and downs I continue to show up to them and the world, honestly and humbly sharing my experiences doing this tool.

But I ask you? Is it simply just a breathing tool. No, I’ve now seen and lived it, as not merely a spiritual breathing technique but a powerful, energy frequency, raising vibrational tool at the highest Caliber.

I came to mention that I learned to ground first before doing this breathing (a suggestion is in the last post) now I add it is very important to go into Nature as much as you can when you are using the Cosmic Breathing in Combination to Power Dates.  This is important to help you stabalize this energy and hold onto the Love Vibration you are invoking.

In the meantime, I’ll continue to pass on the new things and upgrades to assist with this path. Recently, I learned Saturn is a grounding planet and I was advised from an Astrologer to always begin the Cosmic Breath to this planet first.

When the fighting arrives, with my Husband,who projects his ego, I now recognize a breakthrough is close at hand to his Divine Self again.

The newest aid to use when doing the cosmic Breath is Forgiveness…and the story will be told on the 11.11.11 radio show episode of why and how it is essential to the growth and breakthrough of resistance of this vibrational frequency that occurs in those closest to us…. below is the short answer…

Caution, Courage, and an aid for you to over come the Challenges that  may arise from connecting to the Cosmos.

  • Have you noticed when you do an energy tool it helps you feel really good, and then patterns come up and it feels like you drop into the darkness. Finally  a breakthrough shifts the pattern and then we can shine even brighter. This is what happens by doing the Cosmic Breath
  • My experience when I raised my frequency back in 2009 when I first did this breath, my partner and I fought a lot… we even separated for a few months…in that time I worked on forgiveness in every area of my life and eventually, found the Ho’nopononpono a Hawaiian forgiveness tool. Now that I am doing this Breath again, we fought this past weekend. However, now I have the awareness to use the forgiveness tool, and we made up right away. Yes, its that powerful to shift the energy quickly.
  • I now have the compassion to see that when he is argumentative, a  break through is close ..but boy does he resist this high frequency of the cosmos…and he’s been on a spiritual path for many years….hmmm


Combine the Cosmic Breath with the quick Forgiveness tool

Ho’oponopono a simple, yet powerful energy medicine from Hawaiian shamanism

I’m sorry, Please Forgive me, Thank you, I Love you.

– quickie notes for the prayer:

I’m sorry that I’ve been unaware of the program that is bringing this problem into my life.
I’m sorry for whatever unconscious program I have in place
Please forgive me – I’ve been unaware
Thank you divine for taking care of the problem – thank you for clearing this problem for me.
Please clean/erase the perception of this problem
I love you returns you back to divinity – a connection to the divine

The Compelling story will be told on the radio show and why now I share this Breathe with Caution on…11.11.11

The incredible story of power of forgiveness and this silly sounding word-

The follow up tools are to go to Nature, let her nurture you….and help you hold the Love frequency you Invoked with this rhthym…the next step is Forgiveness and to use this fast practice I recommend Ho’oponopono…so it can stabilize the new Cosmic vibration. ..


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I first introduced The Cosmic Breath back in Sept 2009  for the First National Yoga month. I blogged during that month I did it and encouraged others to join such as: The  Cosmic Breath  during 09/09/09  and a blog with an instructional video for the Fall Equinox…now I’m bringing them forth again during the days leading up to 11/11/11.  In the meantime you are certainly welcome look up Cosmic Breath in the Search field to read more on you own. 🙂

Why is this energy tool, I sometimes call the Yoga Cosmic Breath. is useful to us at this moment in Time?

Breathing Through the Worlds Labor Pains

As a Mother I had a choice about learning to breathe through Labor pains or not..I choice to learn the different breathing techniques.  It  has occured to me the same thing is happening in our world right now. We have a choice, we can breathe through the Worlds Labor Pains right now to assist us with an easy or painful transition.


I found the Cosmic breathing in a Yoga book my departed Mother passed on to me. The book was written by Indra Devi ( A Yoginni who lived until 102) who published the book in 1963 Titled: “Renew Your Life Through Yoga”

Indra wrote;

“My own initiation into the practice came from someone far advanced along the path of spiritual development who was eager for me to pass it on to others by describing it in my books…..I hope it may benefit countless men and women I shall never know, and to whom it will serve as a connecting link between the earth and the great cosmos beyond.”


  • This Breath Charges the whole being with energy directly from the Cosmos bringing more vitality and power to the body.
  • Establishes a harmonious balance within your organism & an overall spiritual affinity between yourself and the surrounding world.
  • Brings about an exhilarating, happy and harmonious feeling that will enable you to meet calmly any situation.
  • Will help you bring radiance and hope to the lives of others.

Last but not Least:

  • “You will come to realize that you are not merely a poor helpless human imprisoned in a body like a bird in a cage, but are in effect an integral part of the entire universe, where all fears and tensions are dispersed in the light of the cosmos.”

Yoga Cosmic Breath – Connecting your heart to the energy of the sun, moon, stars, Sky, Earth, Planets, angels, the Divine,  Loved Ones who have passed .. etc.


  • Lying down, Sitting or Standing visualize your Heart as a center from which, with every inhalation You send love to  the cosmos, then with every exhalation the love returns, into your Heart centre.
  • Whenever doing the Cosmic Breath, your love should flow out to just one particular place which you visualize each time.

For example-Begin by focusing on the sun, whether you can see it in the sky or not, visualize it for a moment and then bring your attention to your heart. Inhale send your love to the sun, exhale and bring the sun’s love into your heart. Do this 3 to 5 times

Then move on to something else in the Cosmos, such as the sky and breathe the same pattern with the sky 3 times.

I invite you to join me to do this cosmic breathing to fill you with Hope  leading up to 11/11/11 , I’ve set up a radio episode to Guide those who are attracted to doing the Cosmic Breath that day at 11:00 am. I’ll Keep posting, this blog is long enough..

***Caution*** I was hesitant to Share the Cosmic Breath again because of the intense feelings and extreme changes I experienced in life.

***Solution***However, since then I discovered that if I ground myself first I, or you, will not have to go through a similar shift.

***Grounding Tip***The quickest way I have learn to ground is by using the image in the Movie Avatar:  I  imagine I have a tail, that  I can plug into the center of the Earth.

What grounding techniques do you use?


Margarit Brigham

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