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MY Story of the Goddess Guiding  my life.

Exerts from book:

“How to become a Golf Goddess”

– My Journey in Becoming

Intro to Goddess Yoga

……My awakening to the Goddess energy or, as one of my friends told me, my “initiation”, came before I started my Yoga for Golf business, but I didn’t do much with it at the time except journal about it. I have been journalling for years, journalling my adventures into the spiritual life, my dreams and visions and especially my life’s challenges and struggles.  Looking back in my journals, I have recorded in 1995, the experience of this awakening. I was meditating after a day-long workshop with Wayne Dyer and I fell asleep and  became conscious of a voice in my mind, which said to me, “Everyone loves God but no one loves Mary”. From some place inside myself, another voice of mine answered, “I will”. Then a wave of Love so strong came over me, it had me sitting bolt upright and gasping for breath I was so scared, it took my breath away. Actually I was terrified and couldn’t go back to sleep.

I was still with my ex-husband and he slept through the whole thing, which I found unbelievable because it seemed like a lighting bolt came right through the room. But the experience didn’t end that night, over the next couple of months, just out of the blue; people would start sharing experiences they had with Mary. For example they would say they read a book on Mother Mary and would lend it to me, this happened a couple of times and it wasn’t always friends who knew me or about my experience.

I have since learned Mary meant the Goddess, Queen of Heaven, like Inanna before her, but being raised Catholic I am interpreting Spirit’s message to me that the feminine form had to be one I could associate with at the time. As I started my research about Mary I also saw her as Isis; how she was here well before Christianity gave her the name Mary.

I didn’t do anything with this experience until a couple of years later when I wanted to give up on Yoga for Golf. I was getting quite discouraged by all the rejection of this unique program, it was only seasonal and I could only get a few classes going at best in the early days.     I remembered some part of me said “I would love the Goddess (Mary)” and so I created a Goddess Yoga program as a way to honor her. I hoped I would learn more about the Goddess by others who came and took the class. My teacher used to say, “We teach what we most need to learn.” And I needed to learn about this energy before I could love it. The classes were the most fun and creative sessions I ever taught, but the Yoga for Golf kept persisting. Signs and coincidences kept occurring until I surrendered, quite loudly I might add, I had a temper tantrum with the Universe; with my energy spent I became humbled. I truly surrendered, I had the awareness that Yoga for Golf was part of my life’s work, my Dharma and I needed to learn as much from this path as I needed to teach it. Through the years I had the trust, patience and perseverance to stick with the path.

Intro to Golf Goddess Idea

Then one fine summer day I went golfing with three friends. One of them would refer to me as a golfing goddess throughout the game. It stuck with me because it made me feel empowered. Since then, I now use this phrase while golfing with other women. The fun part is watching the change that occurs on the golf course. First a sparkle comes to their eyes and a shy smile forms when I first call them a Golf Goddess. By the end of the day their smile is wider, eyes are more sparkling, and their stride is more confident. I can clearly see the goddess emerge in their body language. I’m not sure how conscious the other person is, but some part of her sure remembers. It is my deepest wish to bring forth the Goddess energy for all females, to reawaken, and reclaim our power as women and golfers.

For a further read on Golf and Spirituality and what it means to be a golf goddess compared to just being a woman golfer you can visit the introduction page on website





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Goddess Luna Yoga

Embracing the Goddesses within and without!

  • We honour the Divine Feminine through sharing and exploring the Goddesses represented in all cultures.
  • Reclaiming the language of the Goddess that was once sacred and now has become “scarred”
  • This class is ideal for women who know they are magical beings & want to feel the ancient, wise, nurturing and  wondrously alive Spirit of the Goddess.
  • The class includes an opening and closing of the directions.
  • As ONE, we create sacred space throughout the evening with a Chant to our Divine Mother, Dancing as a warm up, a Turkish Grounding, Meditative Movement in Hatha Yoga, ending with a Goddess Creative Visualization/Meditation

I found Goddess Luna yoga to be a wonderful experience in connecting to divine energy and wisdom through sacred circle with dancing, chanting and yoga postures… A magical journey to be sure!”

~ Pamela Swan Feather

Workshop Facilitator:

Margarit Brigham- is an author of a Goddesses & Golf book, a certified yoga teacher since 1996, a Reiki practitioner and a workshop & retreat facilitator. Margarit owned & operated a yoga studio for 5 years in Ontario where she certified 11 teachers. She is a long-time daughter of the Goddess, and was initiated by Love from Source, in the form of Mother Mary in 1995. She created and began teaching Goddess Luna Yoga in 1999 and has spent many years as a student herself, studying Wicca, Paganism, Native Spirituality, Yoga, and the Goddess in all her aspects.

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