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Together anything is Possible….do you Believe?????

I live in North Vancouver and for months before the Winter Olympics came the motto was everywhere…..Do you Believe?…and the outcome….YES!! We believe!!

A shift happened during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, not just for Canadians and the Athletes… but upon our Mother Earth itself.

The Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver has just ended and we are now gearing up for the Paralympic’s which begin March 12.

There is so much to reflect upon, the pride for Canadians becoming United through our national sport of hockey. Gaining a hero, and the world record in the most gold medals. As Canadians we were happy with the first gold ever to be won on home soil, however with the last gold we became united as a whole. Oh Canada, our home and native land, had meaning for every color and creed of humanity, even if they were not born here. We  broke through limiting boundaries & borders in our minds and hearts on Sunday Feb, 28th.

From my own experience living in North Van. The party on Sunday turned to the streets it was like being in a parade..we drove around waving our huge flag out the window, honking the horn, waving, celebrating with the many cars on the road and with all the people on the side walks. Every Canadian  had glowing hearts for our home land in the true North Strong and Free. The young carrying hockey sticks, waving exuberantly as we drove by. Many people jumping up and down,The elderly with their pointer fingers in the air,  representing we are Number ONE. It didn’t matter what colour anyone was, we were one energy cheering, smiling from ear to ear, wooooohooooooing, and crying tears of joy. I have never experienced anything so incredibly connecting, spine-tingling, and euphoric. It was the ultimate high, a nation believing, Willing a final game win and achieving an unexpected outcome a, world record.  Our desire for a goal in hockey to win the game, meant more than setting a new world record of the most gold medals in the history of the Olympics, that was just icing on the cake. Canada is Golden.

Together anything is Possible

Symbolically, on the world stage the goal for many Canadians living in the Province of B.C.  focuses on the inner gold of peace. The vibration of this land has been raised over a long period of time, with all the ceremonies done by First Nations peoples combined with all the spiritual communities. Just look at who this land attracted, The Dali Lama, he set up a peace center in Vancouver.

Wake up call

So many people, including myself have been telling the world ” a shift is coming,” well I see the shift just happened last week. Mother Earth herself is trying to get our attention and she has begun this year ,2010 with more intensity of  using the elements to Wake us up. While the Olympic Flame was burning brightly and the vibration was being raised even more with all the celebrations with so many people around the world gathered in one place. Other places  of the world where being thrown in chaos with the elements of Earth, Wind and Water. I interpret these “Wake up calls” as a choice we have to change/shift our focus away from what we devalue. Using the Winter Olympics as a guiding experience of what we do value. Its not chase for the outer gold that brings true happiness, it is coming back to reaching for the inner gold. The treasure inside is  what helps us  go for our Dreams and use our talents to bring joy to the world, as the Athletes just displayed.

Yes, we have heard this before…but maybe it will really sink in this time and we will not go back to sleep. We have before us two ancient ways of living in this world, we can continue to support destruction and war or  finally filter more into supporting the youth, the games and what they stand for symbolically. We can leave a legacy of a healthy earth for future generations, we are on the threshold, the choice is ours.

Time for Peace

Perhaps if we look at Canada a young child, as William Shatner said in the closing ceremony its “the final frontier.” And this Frontier of Canada welcomes all our brothers and sisters as belonging to one home Earth, just as a young child will play with other children easily and without discriminating. What does Canada symbolize as a nation? Peace. What do the Olympic games symbolize? Peace, humanity, unity. What is the average age of the Olympians?  The youth. What do the youth want and have always wanted? Peace

Maybe instead of saying, “Love not War” or Peace instead of war.”  We could ask ourselves this question ” What do I choose, Play or War”

In fact, Sport is comparable to war, but without the killing. The same amount of tears flow, but as we just witnessed with the Olympics they are tears of joy and pride, not of heartache and injustice.

What do you choose, Play or War?

Margarit Brigham, is an Author of “How to Become a Golf Goddess”; Embrace Sacred Play and Unlock the Hero Within’This book uses the game of golf to come back into balance and Harmony with Mother Earth. It points the way to  learning the language of  nature through symbols, cycles, spirals and circles  found within the game of golf and how this relates to everyday living.


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