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“Together We can dream a better dream for our children, our children’s children and future generations..WE can create, manifest, bring forth, & intend a better world for them.”

I set up a Cause on Facebook,for all families like myself who are separated for the Holiday’s and other meaningful times from their children and Grandchildren I call it ” Reuniting Grandparents with Grandchildren Thru Travel and Technology”

The Facebook Link-


I want to set up a charity with a new name “Connecting Elders with Children” Partial Proceeds from my book “How to become a Golf Goddess” are set aside for the Creation..and I intend to do the same with the new children’s book I am writing “Humble the Bumblebee and the Magical Golf Course”

The below link has the previous videos describing the vision/mission and how anyone can Become involved to make this a registered Charity.


Now two Years later I submitted a Proposal to the Pepsi Challenge “Can you Refresh the World?” It was accepted and part of  my Goal is to spend the money on creating this Non-profit Organization “Connecting Children with Elders that I have been  Desiring before writing this blog post in 2009.

To receive the 10K grant I asked for I need to be voted into the top three by March 1, 2001. Please support this Vision by reading and voting at this link.

http://www.refresheverything.ca/enlightenedgolfforyouthThank you & Blessings,

Margarit Brigham






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