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Have you been inspired, healed, motivated, Loved, Awakened  or all of the above by Dr. Wayne Dyer?

This wonderful, giving. down-to earth man has been a source of changing peoples live for decades and now we can give back to him in the form of healing prayers. He has been diagnosed with “Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia”. I am so grateful to Alison Hamlin-Hughes for starting a facebook group. Blessings and thank you!

The timing was Divine as I was going to be sharing a video about Wayne Dyer in the Love Story for Humanity Video Series I began this month. I had not heard about his illness and so I share it with everyone and a ONE LOVE expereince that happened for me because of Wayne.

In this video share the many coincidences of the number 18 and why this is important to Wayne. He teaches ” the number 8 represents Infinity and when you add a one in front of it you are “One with the Infinite.”

What really had me in awe was today I was looking at a book I have by Shakti Gwain “Reflections in the Light”  it is daily meditations. I have been busy so I went back a few days and was Shocked to see Nov. 18th is on being a channel for healing. I read it at the end of the video…how perfect to do for Healing Energy you may wish to send to him.

The affirmation is “I am a clear Channel for the Healing energy of the Universe”

Join the Facebook group Alison created-and find out dates when healings will be sent to our brother.


We are All One!

Blessings and Love to all my brothers and sisters,

Margarit xo


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I received a good read from my Mentors. I feel it is important to pass it along and to offer people to join in with me and thousands more next Thursday.  To everything is energy radio show for an important subject of ‘giving your power away‘ and a healing that will be done.

When Guru-ism Turns Deadly
By Kristin & David Morelli

While we were speaking at SANG this week, we received some very troubling news:  According to news reports, 3 people died and 19 became hospitalized from a sweat lodge ceremony led by self-help guru James Arthur Ray at one of his private workshops in early October.  Injuries ranged from dehydration to kidney failure to scorched lungs, with at least one participant slipping into a coma.

Like you may have felt when you first heard about this tragedy, we were shocked, horrified and confused.  How could something like this happen?  Clearly, something went  terribly wrong.  As the questions bombarded our minds, our hearts were pouring over with compassion for every single person involved.

In the articles we read, many wanted to rush to judgement, which is common in these types of situations when fear and shock come up in people.  Admittedly some of the reports were pretty disturbing, such as one claim that Ray encouraged participants to disregard their concern for others around them when they were throwing up and passing out, in one case stating “she’ll be dealt with in the next round.”  Apparently, participants had been sent on a 36 hour vision quest with no food and no water shortly before entering the grueling sweat lodge ceremony.

We found ourselves wondering why the participants didn’t follow their inner wisdom and leave the sweat lodge once they were in overwhelming distress.  That is a question we may never have the answer to.  However, we feel called to explore what happens between Gurus and their followers.  It is a topic we address frequently in our teachings, telling our students, “We are not your gurus.  We are merely guides illuminating a path as you find your way to your inner knowing.”

The official definition of Guru is:

an intellectual or spiritual guide or leader.

However, what we have found, particularly in American culture, is people often give their power away to their gurus, believing the guru “knows best”, abandoning their own inner power and wisdom by obeying someone else’s wishes and will above your own.  There is a fascinating energy exchange that goes on with some gurus and their followers, leaving a wake of imbalance and disempowerment and perhaps, in some cases, tragedy.

What is the fine line between a leader challenging you, helping you to push past your comfort zone and a leader having you discount your own internal wisdom?   We’ll explore this more next week on the Everything Is Energy Radio Show.

We are only at the beginning of how this tragedy will affect the participants, their families and friends, the Native American community and the Self-Help industry.  During next week’s show we will explore guru-ism, when it becomes dangerous and we’ll have experts from the Native American community and the Self-Help industry weigh in with their perspectives.  We will also offer healing to all those directly and indirectly involved in this tragic turn of events.

Join us 11/12, Thursday at 10 a.m. PDT at www.EverythingIsEnergy.com (click Radio)

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Together, Kristin and David Morelli are visionary leaders and co-hosts of the Everything is Energy Radio Show with over 250,000 subscribers in just 11 months. They are also co-coaches of a powerful online financial abundance community called The Prosperity Tribe.

Using the unbounded power of her intuition, Kristin retired as a self-made multi-millionaire and a single mom at the age of 30. She was called out of retirement in 2008 to become a leader in the awakening that is sweeping this planet.  As a pioneer in leading edge business strategies, she has harnessed the power of the internet and technology, to build their multiple 7-figure businesses in less than one year.

David, an ordained minister, packed 20 years of training and experience in personal transformation into 11 years and is an expert in many fields: Reiki, Hands on Healing, NLP, Biofeedback, Intuition and Energy Healing.  He has quickly been recognized by top personal development leaders as a genius in his field.

With their combined talents, Kristin and David have helped tens of thousands transform their lives from the inside out by teaching unique, simple tools to unlock their fears and release their subconscious limiting beliefs, enabling the masses to finally enjoy the financial liberation, inner peace and relationships they have longed for.

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Here it is November already and we begin the month with a Full Moon.IM001912 I’ve added pic’s of the Full Moon rising from Oct/09.

October was a Cosmic Month for me after doing the Cosmic breath during Sept. Any one else?

Did you know about the Practice of  the Cosmic Breath? It all started the month of Sept.  as a Yoga gift I gave and you will find the ‘How to  steps’ & much more on Sept’s posts.

I did not add all the benefits of this Spiritual Breath because I did not want to  influence people, I wanted YOU the practitioner to find your own benefits.

IM001916What I did mention was: Spiritual Upliftment and Heart Expansion because I knew this could happen for all. The benefits that I am including now I hope to offer as another incentive to either try the Cosmic breathing for the first time or to continue using this breath in Nov. and beyond!

If you are Ready to begin having Cosmic Experiences, you will Love this easy practice.

IM001926A quick intro-  Cosmic Breathing to Full Moon-

-Inhale send Love to the Moon, Exhale  visualize the Moon’s rays (love) to your heart. (Repeat as many times as you wish)


  • This Breath Charges the whole being with energy directly from the Cosmos bringing more vitality and power to the body.
  • Establishes a harmonious balance within your organism & an overall spiritual affinity between yourself and the surrounding world.
  • Brings about an exhilarating, happy and harmonious feeling that will enable you to meet calmly any situation.
  • Will help you bring radiance and hope to the lives of others.

Last but not Least:

You will come to realize that you are not merely a poor helpless human imprisoned in a body like a bird in a cage, but are in effect an integral part of the entire universe, where all fears and tensions are dispersed in the light of the cosmos.


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