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Here we are at the end of Sept. and what a way to end the Month..are you feeling more Happiness?

I began the Month with a Gift of the Cosmic Breath to expand the Heart, I even sent out instructions with a video to participate or teach it for the Fall Equinox and beyond. Did you watch & join in?

Have you noticed a Quantum Time in events on Happiness by being in the vibration of Happiness?

These are the Opportunities I see for more Happiness rippling out to the world;

The Peace Summit with the Dalai Lama is going on now in Vancouver.(He’s the best Happiness Advocate)

Yoga month is coming to a close and has rippled Happiness out to thousands of people.

And a Huge ripple with happen tomorrow night..the last night of the month. I was just informed 10,000 people have signed up for the Happiness call to support and learn about three people on a Mission.


Who are they?
Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times Bestselling Author,
Chicken Soup for Women’s Soul, and Happy for No Reason.

Kristin Morelli, retired as a self-made multi-millionaire at age 30.
David Morelli, went from unhappy engineer to powerful coach & guide (& millionaire)
Morelli’s are my Mentors & also hosts of the #3 Radio Show on iTunes, Everything Is Energy.

♥ ♥These three are on a Mission to Share their Effective Formula with Everyone for *F*R*E*E*.  They have a *F*R*E*E* Call, Sept 30th, & you’re invited. I’d Sign up anyway if you can’t make it.. you will get a replay.. it takes moments to sign up..and they have a Happy Dance video before and after the sign up.. to get your smile on.♥♥


On this Once in a lifetime Call, They’ll Reveal:

•What actually WORKS to Break through your Subconscious Blocks to Happiness & Income
•The real reason why abundance is not flowing freely in your life
•Why trying to change your mindset doesn’t actually work (it is the energy that needs to be shifted)
•What is REALLY stopping you from being happy and joyful right now.it will surprise you.PLUS How to Ignite Authentic Joy Anytime, Anywhere!

It’s a F*R*E*E Call, that can make a REAL difference…no kidding!
They do not just talk about how to shift they teach you on the call using energy tools
that really work..trust me I did 40days & nights learning
these tools with them they work…the Choice is yours!!


They truly desire to Ignite Greater Joy in your Life (& Abundance).
Join-In on Sept 30th for your own Boost & Breakthrough!

P.S. They’re the REAL DEAL…All Happy and All Millionaires…
It’s F*R*E*E the choice is yours.

P.S.S Here’s the Cosmic Breath Video incase you missed it..to get your shine on

Margarit Brigham-Amazon Author-“How to Become a Golf Goddess;” ‘Connect to your inner core with Yoga for Golf and so much more’


Cause-Reuniting Grandparents with Grandchildren http://apps.facebook.com/causes/287857
May the gates of possibility always swing wide open for you- Brendon Burchard


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I Believe because I have been doing the Cosmic Breath this month the Law of Attraction lead me to this poem entitled ‘Rainbow Warriors, the Stars are Calling’…hmmm am I a Rainbow Warrior or is this a call to Guide Rainbow Warriors to do the Cosmic Breath?

I came across this blog 2012 Rising that has many versions of the Prophecy’s on the Rainbow Warriors …the blog is a good read that confirms for me that the time is now to be Sending and Receiving Love from the Cosmos. I’ve included another version of the Rainbow Warriors

Prophecy..and the Line that jumped out is “Rainbow Warriors, the Stars are calling…


rainbow warriors

This piece,  is just one telling as ascribed to the 19th century mystic Eyes of Fire, a wise-women of the Ininiwok peoples, commonly known now as the Cree Indians:

The sky is clouding, the grass is fading,
People in anguish, the dark is rising.
The Earth She writhes beneath the claws
of the minds that are poisoned

Her children tossed on the waves
of cruel desire and corruption
It could be you, don’t shrink away
from the need of the hour

Don’t turn away from the hand
stretched in pain of your Mother.
Her name means freedom, Her body earthgreen,
Her blood clear water, her voice is birdsong.

The Earth cries out, can’t you hear,
take your courage in hand now.
Our deeds must speak of the love for all beings
waxing strong now

We can’t allow the heartless ones
to destroy this great wonder
Slaughtering wales, felling trees,
with no thought for the future.

Here rule the demons, they love no creature,
Their words are poison, they weave dark futures.

Gather all ye who love the world
from distant lands beneath the tall sky
In visions past I have seen you awake the spirit moving

Gather all ye who love the world
from distant lands beneath the tall sky
In visions past I have seen you awake the spirit moving

And now the wind is shifting, the tide is turning,
The mist is rising, a rainbow forming

Rainbow warriors, the stars are calling
Rainbow warriors, the trees are falling
Rainbow warriors, the spirit dying,
Rainbow warriors, the world is crying out in pain.

And I shall never rest in peace till this cruel reign is ended
And all the children of the Earth shall be free,
Her wounds all mended.
Your time has come, make the Earth green again,
don’t delay now.

Victory has been foreseen for the people who do.
Rainbow warriors, create new Eden,
Clear rain a’falling, blue sky unending,

Unfearful faces, starlight revealing,
Small creatures dancing, glad voices singing,
Free children playing with chains that are broken,

Rainbow warriors, the future lies within you

The source – http://2012rising.com/article/the-new-children-prophecies-of-the-rainbow-warriors

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Happy National Yoga Month,

As a yoga teacher from Canada I wish to offer my own contribution to Celebrate Yoga!

From my Heart to Yours…A Heart Expansion Gift

Instructional Video on how to do the Cosmic Breath…(Happy Breath)

Join in or teach the Cosmic Breath for the Fall Equinox on Sept. 22 /09


Margarit Brigham

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I mentioned in a previous blog that the book I found the Cosmic Breath in  one of  my deceased Mother’s, old Yoga books published in 1963 by Indra Devi Called ‘Renew your life through Yoga’

Indra wrote;

“My own initiation into the practice came from someone far advanced along the path of spiritual development who was eager for me to pass it on to others by describing it in my books…..I hope it may benefit countless men and women I shall never know, and to whom it will serve as a connecting link between the earth and the great cosmos beyond.”

One of the many benefits from being a yoga practitioner is the ripple effects which make a person pause and go hmmm. If my mother did not take yoga classes who knows if I would have become a Yoga teacher.

It is mind blowing  to me that in the 21 century this  Ancient breathing practice is so simple to teach, it can be posted on Twitter .. Annnd the teachings show  up on Facebook too. Wow, Wow, Wow. Just look at yesterday’s post how I taught it on twitter.


  • This Breath Charges the whole being with energy directly from the Cosmos bringing more vitality and power to the body.
  • Establishes a harmonious balance within your organism & an overall spiritual affinity between yourself and the surrounding world.
  • Brings about an exhilarating, happy and harmonious feeling that will enable you to meet calmly any situation.
  • Will help you bring radiance and hope to the lives of others.

Last but not Least:

You will come to realize that you are not merely a poor helpless human imprisoned in a body like a bird in a cage, but are in effect an integral part of the entire universe, where all fears and tensions are dispersed in the light of the cosmos.”

Cosmic Blessings to you,

Margarit Brigham



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Today is .09.09.09, What does this day mean to you???

I’m extending the invitation to join me on-line to do  the Heart Expansion **Cosmic Breath**  as  ONE.  Tonight Sacred Connections at 9:00pm 09.09.09 PT

Did you know?

I have been using Twitter, Facebook and blogs to give a  gift of  Yoga to my Global Community to  Celebrate  National Yoga Month during September. Read the instructions below.

I will do a live Meditation at 9: pm PacificTime on Twitter/TweetDeck.. it will show-up on Facebook as well

It is a Heart Expansion Gift where you connect to the Cosmos using the Breath.IM000992

It is mind blowing  to me that in the 21 century this breathing practice is so simple to teach, it can be posted on Twitter .. Annnd the teachings show  up on Facebook too. Wow, Wow, Wow.

  • A TWITTER/Facebook stream of the evening 09.09.09 Cosmic Breath for you to try.. any evening

Margarit Brigham #CosmicBreath- visualize a star filled night,  inhale Love 2 the stars, exhale the Star energy back to your Heart. repeat 3 times

7 hours ago via Twitter · Comment · Like / Unlike

Margarit Brigham Visualize or look out at the Moon, inhale giving Ur Love first to Moon, Exhale and receive the Moon’s energy back 2 Ur Heart 3 or 5 times

7 hours ago via Twitter· Comment

Margarit BrighamSend inhale from Ur Heart 2 the blackness of the sky between the stars. Exhale the night sky energy back 2 Ur Heart. 3x’s #CosmicBreath

7 hours ago via Twitter · Comment · Like / Unlike

Margarit Brigham Finally for 09.09.09 send Love from Ur Heart to essence of Universal Light (angels,,etc) with inhale, exhale the Light back to Ur Heart

7 hours ago via Twitter · Comment · Like / Unlike

Hastag Cosmic Breath for more #CosmicBreath  Or to share online,

Margarit Brigham



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Cosmic Breath-

Have You initiated the Cosmic Breathing Practice? Do the inhale and exhale of energy seem backwards to you? You are not alone…

A comment from Portland, USA-

“interesting … I would have thought you bring the energy in on the inhale and then send it out with the exhale …. am I making this too complicated.”

My Short Answer:

It is a different Rhythm but does not take long to grasp. Think of it in terms of the Law of Attraction, first you give your attention to the Cosmos than you receive the energy back.

Let me explain further;

I will use the modern day term of the LOA to explain why this breathing rhythm would be different and how it helps to expand the Heart. One of the main principles in the Law of Attraction is “What you put your attention on expands.” An aspect of the expansion is  awareness, more of a connection if you like.

Let us use the example of the sun, if the breath were to inhale the suns energy to our heart first and then exhale from our heart back to the sun. This would only result in expanded awareness to a certain point. Think about it..The sun is always shining down on us first and many people take it for granted and don’t really appreciate the Unconditional Love the Sun gives to all things on this planet.

Conversely breathing the love out first to the Cosmos is more of a caring action and we are rewarded with more of a personal experience or what I like to call teachings from The Sun and/or Cosmos. And if your stay open and aware you will discover the Cosmic teachings come from different realms, the physical and spiritual.

For example I have been doing the Cosmic Breath to the Sun in the morning and to the Stars at night for the past week. The other day I had an urge to look up Astronomy sites. I found this image and now have a more personal imagery to the Sun when I send it Love from my heart and receive it’s energy back to my Heart.

http://tinyurl.com/mekeanOur Sun,It looks so serene and perfect until you study it closely and discover that it’s a raging inferno in perpetual turmoil.”

our sun

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Blending  An Ancient Practice with Modern Technology!

I am a bit blown away by this whole process of finding the Cosmic Breath in my departed Mothers Yoga book from 1963 and the process so simple I can teach it today in 2009 on Twitter…this is a ripple in the pond..hmmm

This being National Yoga Month I am sharing a Spiritual Teaching called the Cosmic Breath during Sept. The Amazing part is I can share it most effectively on-line especially by using Twitter. I can do this in real time…and I can work smarter not harder since all my tweets go directly to my Facebook page.I have also added a hastag #CosmicBreath so people can read the teachings all in one place.

  • I have copied these 11 tweets from Sat. Sept 5th  Morning breathing exercise.

Twitter Posts-sun

  1. Good Morning my on-line Family, R you up to a Yoga Breathing Exercise? I Love this new way to be a Teacher, on-line, How cool is that?
  2. Is the sun shining where you are? It is Raining Today in Vancouver so let’s send & receive Love this morn to the Sun and Clouds , Ready??
  3. First bring Ur attention 2 Your Heart, Visualize the Sun, inhale send love from your Heart 2 Sun, exhale bringing Sun energy back to heart.
  4. Repeat sending & Receiving Love to the Sun for 3 to 5 breaths than take a few deep breaths in between. I’m closing my eyes and starting now. ( pause..if you are following along while reading blog)
  5. Did you try it?? I felt a warmth come over me, did U feel anything?? If you are online following, realize you were meant to be here now.
  6. Now let’s pay attention to the Clouds, do U ever do this , What can we learn from the Clouds? Will U try it for a few days, & let me know?
  7. Bring Ur attention to Ur Heart & Visualize the Clouds, send Love from Ur Heart with the inhale & exhale the cloud energy back 2 Ur heart.
  8. Closing our eyes we do this 3 or 5 times than receive some nice deep breaths as you relax deeper into your chair. R You Joining in with me?
  9. Nothing occurred 4 me with the breathing to the clouds, my first time paying attention 2 them. who knows what will develop over time?
  10. I have just initiated my on-line family into the #CosmicBreath that uses visualization, if U R not inwardly ready it will produce no effect.
  11. If U are inwardly ready a few minutes practice this month of #CosmicBreath will expand the heart 2 exhilarating, happy, harmonious feeling.

Questions that have been asked after posting this teaching are:

This is interesting the inhale and exhale seem backwards than what I am used to, is this right?

How to I know if I am inwardly ready?

Answers to these questions and more will be posted throughout September.

Thanks for visiting,

Margarit Brigham

Are we following each other?

Find me on Twitter—- http://twitter.com/GolfGoddess      http://twitter.com/MargaritBrigham



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