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My life changed on this day fourteen years ago July, 27th 1995. It was the first HUGE step in following my intuition and boy, was I scared.

Let me paint you a brief picture. I was unhappy in my profession, I had just begun my transition into a new career and was taking  a Yoga Teacher Training Course and probably because of the more intense Yoga I was learning had been having very vivid recurring dreams with animals and I was searching for answers.

An opportunity presented itself to go away for a three day Sunrise Ceremonial weekend and learn from a Native Elder. My intuition prompted me immediately but my mind played a tug- of -war game for a few weeks. My fears began with; I did not know the people running it and I had to pay them $300.00, my ex-husband would not go, he reluctantly stayed home with our children, this would be my first time away on my own without even a friend coming, and I had to drive by myself for three hours to get to the location it was being held at. If you knew me at that time I was not that courageous and it was only from all the coincidences that occured to go that had me brave enough to move forward on this venture. Never mind the sacrifices that we endured while we were in Ceremony.


Thursday, July 27th 1995 – Evening Ceremony around the fire.

“This world we live in is not in harmony. Humans have forgotten about the Great Spirit and how Spirit is in everything. The spirit in us, in the animals, in plants and all living things from Mother Earth. All the while man is taking from her, raping her. Humans think material objects will bring ultimate happiness. But in reality it is nature and all she has to offer. We have to get back in touch with nature, with Mother Earth. We are her children, she provides for us even when we treat her with no respect. Somehow humans have grown apart from spirit.

When we were just spirit the creator asked us if we would like to walk Mother Earth, we all agreed. The only thing the Creator asked of us was not to forget our spirits. When we are born into this world we give a cry of joy that we made it. But as we are growing up there are so many negative things in our way that make us forget about our spirit. The indigenous people have been trying to show other humans the way they once lived and are starting to again. They are having visions and the spirits are telling them that we have to change our ways and start getting back to nature and all the spirits in nature.”

We are outside, in the North country, around a sacred fire as David is giving his teachings over a period of days, it is dusk at this teaching and we are being eaten by mosquitoes, and we are all slapping at them.

David says to us: “There is a reason for everything on the Earth; before killing the mosquito asks its spirit what its reason is for being here. Humans don’t try to understand anymore. If they don’t understand something, they destroy it. He asks us to go into the trees tomorrow and feel Mother Earth. As we cleanse our bodies with the sweat lodge and fasting we open ourselves up more to hear spirit. We are giving up eating and drinking for a weekend for the spirits to help us, and they will reward us. It might not be this weekend but we will be rewarded.”

David explains when he talks about spirit he means it’s not just seeing signs and visions, it is also about feeling. That is what spirit really means. It’s about love. A very strong love you can feel. Happiness is the Light, Caring, Sharing and Love. That is what all humans need and crave. But we have forgotten how to reach for the love. There is too much darkness in our world right now.”

The evening talk ended with David teaching us how to pray to the directions with our tobacco.

I share with you what I wrote in my Journal this day fourteen years ago and the whole weekend teachings from Dave are in my new book “How to Become a Golf Goddess” Embrace Sacred Play and Unlock the Hero Within” The Native Path I learned from my Mentor is the reason I have learned to play in a sacred way in all that I do!

Since that year I have gone through many  scary years of transformation while learning to follow my intuition and now I can honestly say it has finally come to the point when I am excited to follow it because of the magical adventures it leads me on. I know now that I am totally safe and my intuition is my best friend.

My reason for sharing Dave’s words from the past is to hear truth and how important the message is today. Most importantly that there is hope,  I know first hand along with many others who have already transitioned  living to the New Earth and it is not scary it is A Great and Holy Adventure.




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