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I would like to share how to do an easy Sacred Water Ritual that can be practiced for EARTH DAY this year, or anytime.

I first learned, along with about 20 others how to do a Water Ceremony from Elder Dave Courchene Jr. when he traveled to Vancouver B.C from his home in Manitoba.Dave Courchene

It was the summer of Aug. 9th, 2008.

The day of the Water Ceremony we gathered by the Ocean with our containers of water. We were requested to hold our container to our hearts. We silently prayed in the form of  projecting how much gratitude we had for water and its many uses  in our lives. Dave asked us to try to  let the emotion of gratitude turn into feelings of love, if we could.  While we focused on our prayerful thoughts of thanks to the water, Dave smoked his pipe, prayed out loud in his native tongue and then blessed us all.

What happened was a connection of being joined heart to heart!  I felt an amazing, indescribable feeling, of Oneness. The women lead the way down to the waters edge and we emptied our blessed first, than the men released their blessed water into the Ocean. After the giving, Dave gave a talk about water and he stressed over and over for us not to discount the effects of  our blessing the water.

“Do Not Underestimate the power of praying with Gratitude”,he told us.

Dave said, “The fact of sharing our gratitude with the water will change the molecular structure of the water and change it’s essence to that of light. He told us Sharing our love and gratitude with the water and releasing it will have a ripple effect. This charged water of prayers will spread out to the waters across B.C. to Canada and the World. This blessed water goes up to the clouds and then the blessings changes to rain and comes down on the earth.” I sensed the bonding of the love that we just shared together going out and coming back to bless us all.”

Anyone can do this themselves, or better yet in a group, my words do not convey the Oneness experience justice. I somehow sense that on Earth day anyone can tap into the sacred connection easier. Since so many people are in their hearts, joining as one, with the same purpose, honoring Mother Earth.

I feel honored to be able to pass on this simple way to connect to the water.

The steps again are:

Blessing a container or even a bottle of water  with an intention/ prayerful thought  of gratitude, get into the feel as much as you can so you are filled with love for this life giving source, for its cleaning and cleansing of our bodies, our homes and the earth.

Then go to  a pond, lake, river, stream or ocean and the next time it rains you will be showered back with the blessings you gave.


Since that Aug. day in 2008 I have done my own water ceremonies,  so many times, Because  it is easy to do. I usually have water  with me when we go for walks and when we come upon a body of water I charge up my container with my deep appreciation and love then pour some out. I have even expanded to add extra blessings using Reiki  and sometimes saying positive words, like you are magnificent, beautiful etc to the water.

It has become a  tradition for me to do a water ceremony for on Earth day thanks to Elder Dave.

Will you make it yours too now?

Thank you for allowing me to share, please help my Be the Voice for these sacred teachings and pass them on….xo

Blessings, All my Relations

Margarit Brigham


The first Ceremony that Dave Courchene did when he came to Vancouver was a Lighting of a Sacred Fire on 8.8.08 to share the Anishnabe Native Prophecies of a “New Earth”.

The prophecy of the 8th fire is one of many ancient prophecies that refer to the year 2012 and the years directly preceding it… view the movie trailer on youtube:



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April Fools Day

A lovely piece on April Fools Day

“The bitter cold winds of winter are a recent memory as the shining Sun brightly beams our way into April (this is a bit of a stretch given yesterdays winds and cold!) This is the astrological New Year and for centuries April 1st marked the New year for most of the world. When the current solar based Gregorian calendar was introduced, the New Year lost its affinity with the Zodiac. It took almost 200 yrs for the calendar to be accepted and instituted.
A few centuries later, echoes remain from earlier celebrations of joyful newness during April.The grass is a tender, fresh green, trees are budding and singing birds return to court and mate. We are giddy with delight, foolish in our desire to celebrate the sunshine and blossoming growth. We celebrate the April Fool.
April Fools Day, April 1, is a lighthearted holiday of practical jokes and laughter. Even though the origins are murky, some evidence indicates that this holiday of mockery and joking began while the calendar was changing. The fool mocked those who were laggard, resistant to change.
The idea of foolery and jesting is a time honoured and sacred tradition. In several Native American traditions, there are tricksters and sacred clowns whose path is to teach through humour and disruption. Joking, mockery, and the antics of the madman shake people out of their habitual thinking and actions moving them into new relationships with the sacred and with spirit.
In Europe, the tradition of the jester and fool is widespread, stemming from a time when there was no free speech. The fool was considered a twin soul to the royal leader, though one touched with childlike madness. The insanity was considered a sacred condition, a touch of the divine, and it exempted the fool from the normal rules, laws and codes of conduct. The fool was able to say things, point out incongruities and contradictions, and reveal hypocrisy. He did it with laughter, wild antics, bawdy jokes and rude language. In many cases, jesters and fools were the only ones who could tell the ruling classes some hard facts.
In our lives, the class clown performed these tricks for us. Modern comedians also look at life in a slightly askew fashion in order to point out ways to change. This is not always a comfortable or safe role – jesters and clowns often came to a bad end. A lot of times, our beloved class clown wound up in detention.
Folk and magical traditions tell us of the magical times and places called “betwixt and between.” Neither this nor that , betwixt and between are times and places where normal rules do not apply- the place between, the normally unseen worlds give us tantalizing glimpses of what is, what was and what is to be.
April, from its first foolish day onward is just such a magical time. Each new day – with its tender green shoots, fresh blossoms, and birds on the wing is the the time between childhood and adult. We can tap into our own inner fool, allowing the laughter, jesting and disruption to jar us out of our winter pathways and depressions. We can move our awareness inward to that tiny bright spot of madness to find where desire and delight touch. In that gossamer place, we find our way into remembered innocence, laughter, mirth, and joy. Refreshed and enlivened, zany fools, we walk out into the sunshine ready for the next grand adventure and bright new season.
This is a time to see things with fresh eyes and to hear songs as if for the first time. We are rediscovering magic, reawakening to the world of light and beauty. We are between the past and the future. We are the fool.

-from the Llwewellyn’s Witches calendar
The piece is written by Gail Wood
Have fun today being the Fool!

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