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As I sit writing on this rainy day I have already become friends with many like-minded souls today, who use face book and were at the Peace Circle, all the while staying dry and warm in front my computer.I’m sure you have heard the expression “being at the right place at the right time” I have been pleasantly surprised to find out this truth can happen in the comfort of my own home by using the internet.

Face book for me was just a way to connect to my children and friends from back East ….little did I realize how many people use it for social networking. I first learned about the Peace Circle by being friends with Leonard Howell and now I have become friends with James Twyman and other well known authors who market through FB. So many of my new connections have friends into the hundreds and even thousands. I have been able to personally thank Karen from soulpower group, the presenter of the Peace Circle which made me happy.  It has also been wonderful to see so many beautiful pictures of the day that have been posted and to read the uplifting words by others. In less than a week I really am living with sacred connections.

What I think is fascinating is I have often taught that  “Yoga is a Slowing down to Speed up” when you are at one, in Yoga, Union, with all parts of yourself you are not like the hamster  spinning your wheels going round and round until you find the right action. You do one action and it is the right one, the Peace Circle was the one action for me. I have spent most of my time in B.C writing a manual script and now with one action of going to the Peace Circle I have expanded my circle of friends and can use Facebook as a free way to Market my upcoming book! How cool is that?

Many people resist FB and believe it is for a younger generation but I have had a 70 something women join the FB Group I created for my Upcoming Book recently. She is young at heart and hopefully an inspiration for some of you to jump on board, not to mention the President of the USA uses it!

No, I am not getting paid to promote FB; I am just filled with excitement to share a free way to connect and to expand more circles upon circles of our human family.

Now  I will shamelessly plug my Upcoming book “How to Become a Golf Goddess;” Embrace Sacred Play and Unlock the Hero Within” if anyone joins the group before March 31st they will receive a Free Gift ($50.00 value) on relaxation techniques that help in golf, business and relationships.  http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1190762422#/group.php?gid=58621012052


Margarit Brigham- Alternative Golf Coach (connecting the Divine Feminine to the Game of Golf)

http://www.golfinggoddesses.com         http://www.yogaforgolf.ca

p.s. Picture posted by me from Peace Circle  are in last blog 🙂


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The peace cirlce held in Jericho Beach Park on Thur. Feb 19th was a perfect day in paradise, amidst the sun, warmth, and the spirit of Vancouver, not to mention the lovely spirits of all the people who came.

James Twyman addressed the crowd and related how the idea of  holding a Peace Circle in Vancouver was planted a year ago and it was to be fashioned after a Circle that he lead in Israel, to bring healing to the holy land.

The main difference of this peace circle was that it not based on any anti-war movement. It was more of a celebration of Peace and the energy was much higher without a group coming together with underlying  fear, tension or anger in our heart. The circle began with everyone gathered together around the presenters and then we moved out as far as we needed  holding hands with James  in the middle using a mic and we all repeated after him the twelve prayers from the major religions. He then asked us to  ground the wonderful energy by placing our hands on Mother Earth and sending it out to her and to all beings.

This quote from his  website reads, “James Twyman often says that the foundation of his work is found in the peace prayers from the twelve major religions of the world.” If you are interested this is his website link to the 12 prayers:


The Presenters were amazing and played such an important role in helping us all shift into being one heart and one love, words are hard to convey the immense love that surrouned us all. Here’s a few photos of the day and of Jericho Beach;


Margarit Brigham

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Happy Valentines Day!

A meditation Gift for you….called LOVING KINDNESS  or METTA

 Do you think about giving love to yourself first on Valentines Day?

LOVING OURSELVES FIRST- Rejoicing in our own goodness fills us with joy and love for ourselves and a great deal of self-respect. By first practicing Metta toward ourselves we are building the essential foundation for being able to offer genuine love to others. Contemplating the goodness within ourselves is a classical meditation, done to bring light, joy and rapture to the mind.

Joy has so much capacity to eliminate separation that the Buddha said, “Rapture is the gateway to Nirvana.”

Imagine you are in the middle of a circle of light or an egg shell and begin with contemplation on yourself:

Reflect on the good things you have done such as recollecting times when you have been generous or times you have been caring. Perhaps you can think of a time when it would have been easy to hurt somebody, or tell a lie, or to be dismissive, yet you made the effort not to do that. Perhaps you can think of a time when you overcame some fear, reached out to someone, or had the courage to change and give something up that freed you.

Once you feel appreciation for your self repeat the Metta in your mind 3 x’s

Loving Kindness -Metta

May I be at peace

May my heart remain open

May I awaken to the light of my own true nature

May I be healed, may I be a source of healing to all beings.

 (This particular Metta I am sharing comes from author Joan “Borysenko)

If we are practicing Metta and we cannot see the goodness in ourselves or in someone else at certain times, then we reflect on the fundamental wish to be happy that underlies all action.

“Just as I want to be happy, all beings want to be happy.”

If you wish you can then send your loving kindness out to our world.

See the earth from outer space and add a circle of light around it as you say-

May there be peace on earth

May all beings hearts remain open

May everyone awaken to the light of their own true natures

May all be healed, and be a healing to all that is

Metta is based on Buddhist philosophy. recommends detachment- We are planting seeds; don’t be attached to the outcome. We form the intention in our minds for our happiness and the happiness of all. Intention is enough, don’t worry about immediate results; just as seed are planted in the spring and the harvest is in the fall. We do our work and settle back and the benefits will surely come.

May you have a Beautiful Magical day

Big Love,


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How to Become a Golf Goddess, book will be released Spring /09

What do you Value?

Why do so many Females take up Golf, just to give it up again? I think women are attracted to the values in the game, the Honor, the Honesty, the Integrity, these values are getting harder to find in the North American society and it is comforting to know they still hold true somewhere.
However, golf has been taught and played very much in a masculine way, meaning left brained, logical, mechanical. There is a new feminine way to play, which is in perfect Harmony with golf. One of the best reasons to learn to play this way is you will be Healing yourself along with Mother Earth on and off the golf course!

Do you hear the call to connect back to Mother Earth?

“Any female can learn golf as Sacred Play”

The Great Goddess likes Golf, she rejoices when her children are playing, She is calling females back to nature thru Pleasure and Play, the Goddess Way.

The more frequently we are outside, the more we can receive messages, information and intuition from nature

This new book helps you not only lower your handicap and play more heart-centered golf but Raises your vibrations so you can hear the call and the messages Mother Earth has for you.

You will Discover a new way to approach golf from a more heart-centered space developing more inspiring, meaningful and pleasureable games.(and lives)

I can’t wait to share it with you

Wanna connect before ?

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Margarit Brigham

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I am pleased to Announce Spring /09 the Release of my book-
“How to become a Golf Goddess; Embrace Sacred Play and Unlock the Hero within.”


Not just for golfers, my Goddess Sisters will love it too!

A common theme running throughout the upcoming Spiritual Golf Goddess book and the game of golf is the symbol of the circle. Learning the wisdom inherent in the circle can become a key to unlock the inner hero. In the coming years women will need to draw upon their own inner strength and courage to free themselves from society’s man-made laws and to turn back towards the lessons in nature and the natural rhythms and cycles that are within us and everything. Many women in my Goddess Yoga classes over the years failed to recognize  where the source of their suffering stemmed from. By guiding them back to ancient Goddess ways, found within the circle and the seasons, they returned to balance,  harmony, & a sense of coming home. Why do women not acknowledge these life cycles within themselves? Because we were taught to live in a  linear time-line society, we are conditioned to live this way, but this is counter to our true natures and we have suffered because of this.
There is a way to move away from the pain of separateness and reconnect back to viewing the earth and our bodies as hallowed ground.

This can happen through my new book which includes, powerful Yoga philosophies and poses(asanas), Goddess ancient Feminine mysteries (secrets) and creative play for life and golf that reconnects you to your self, spirit and nature.
This book is not only a practical How to Manual for Women that draws from a decade of teaching my unique programs, Yoga for Golf and Goddess Yoga but it is also part biography.
Part Biography A transformational path-

I describe through my adventures of trust I, an ordinary woman have had extraordinary experiences with the Divine Feminine and the ways I have found to become my own best friend and to find the courage to follow the Divine even when my logical mind was screaming at me to get back into my head.
How,  by blending the Goddess to the Symbols in the game, I have eventually fallen in tune with existence through many tests and trials which has lead to finding my own particular and unique way of expressing my gifts (in ways that have never existed before) through connecting the Divine Feminine energy to the game of golf.

“The game of golf is like the game of life…the goal is to develop to your highest potential and become self-governing!” -Margarit Brigham

Even if you never pick up a golf club you can learn the Goddess ways through the metaphors in blending, life, Goddesses, Golf, Nature and Yoga that this book touches upon and this blog name..sacred connections to everything…the sacred is within everything, spirit hangs out within the game of golf too!

And for the women who already play golf, this book reveals a new feminine model that will have you playing golf from a more heart-centered space developing more inspiring, meaningful and pleasureable games.(and lives)

Lets connect at my new site,


Would you try playing in a Sacred Way?

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