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Joy to you this Day!

I hope your warmest memories of Christmas gatherings fill you with Love  this day.

I would like to gift the world with a guided meditation I created called “Steeped in Abundance.”

You can  share this meditation gift with your loved ones. However, be aware  you may be exposing them to a source of creating a magical lifestyle.


***Please note  you may need to copy above link and paste it in the top browser, sorry on behalf of this service that might not post this as a live link…Once inside just hit the thin bar beneath the title- Steeped in Abundance, you can ignore the big button that says download now****

Living in North Vancouver this year means steeped in abundance alright, steeped in an abundance of snow. This has been a wonderful gift of visual sights, very rare for this next of the woods. I am grateful for the beautiful snow covered mountains and sharing some unique snow photos with my  family and friends on facebook and even on my blogs yesterday.

The snow has brought me to feeling more in tune with the rythmn of winter, the contemplation, slowing down and so through my reflections about the snow. My wish is to help you stay connected to that child filled wonder through a meditation I created that is perfect for keeping the magic of this season alive.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!




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Today I am sharing a rare occurance of snow pictures from Vancouver. The pictures have been taken from Dec. 17th until today Dec. 24th. I hope you enjoy!

Come back to the blog tomorrow, Christmas day, to receive my gift to you and yours.

I will be giving you a gift of  a  guided-meditation I made that fits this time of year perfectly. You will discover a way to keep the wonder of the holiday season alive through-out the  whole year.

Double click images for a larger v.

Have a safe and happy Holiday!



p.s I posted some different photos on my other blogs

View them here: http://golfgoddess.wordpress.com, http://apps.yogaforgolf.ca

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