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I awoke this morning with the message that I need to write about Grandmother Spider. I have been seeing quite a few spiders recently; yes, it may be the time of year that they come inside, however the message has been very persistent. So I looked up the meaning of spider in a few books I have, to help me get clear.

With all my research the main theme that emerges is  Creativity and Weaving. In India spider is associated with Maya, the weaver of illusion. In Many Native American creation myths, Spider Woman weaves the world into being. And Grandmother Spider to some myths taught the mysteries of the past and how they were affecting the future. The Goddess, like Native American Spider Woman, is said to have initiated creation by first weaving two threads and crossing them at the center of the world, thus creating the four directions.

”Spiders have a two section body instead of other insects that have three, often giving them a figure 8 kind of appearance. This in conjunction with its eight legs (unlike an insect’s six) links it to all the mysticism associated with the geometric form of the figure eight. On its side, this is the symbol of infinity. It is the wheel of life, flowing from one circle to the next. Spider teaches us to maintain a balance between past and future, physical and spiritual, male and female. Spider teaches you that everything you now do is weaving what you will encounter in the future.” –Ted Andrews Animal Speaks

Today we are lucky in the sense that we have a huge resource of information at our finger tips through the web to learn, and discover literally anything we desire.

Which brings me to my insight; maybe you have already noticed this? One of the biggest Goddess energies now at large in our life is Spider Woman. What is becoming the biggest tool of communication? The World Wide Web, see the connection. Many myths believe that the alphabet was formed by the geometric patterns and angles found within spider’s web. How are most people communicating now? We are using the written word, as we connect to others using the internet. Computers are like a spider web, weaving creativity, past and future, linking us with the world.

If you have educated yourself with the new children, the Indigos, you know that they do not even need the computers to communicate; they use an internal web, which we can all aspire to one day, using our internal gifts instead of technology. I am happy enough for now, to use this technology and the countless ways to give and receive, such as emails, websites, blog’s, e-books and I look forward to any other way Grandmother Spider wishes to show us that we are all connected, and can share with each other.

It’s all alive, it’s all intelligent, we are all relatives.

May all your past labours bear BIG, JUCY, ABUNDANT Fruit, Now and into your Future.

Blessed Be,



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We have all heard this expression before, do we look at the glass half full or half empty? It seems that we are constantly being tested in which direction to focus our attention. Just the other day I was reading the newest Common Ground magazine and I was overwhelmed with all the information of the ‘system’ doing it’s hardest to keep us in fear and controlling our lives. But there was one article that had hope in it, about how we are evolving as a race, which offered enough hope for me to keep my focus on the half full glass. Why is this so important? Because it keeps my energy vibrating at a higher level so I can keep attracting blessings into my life. Then I truly see myself as a powerful being co-creating with Mother Earth for a new vision.

The last blog I posted was such evidence for me that I am channelling for Mother Earth right now, since the woman who is holding the Fall Equinox drumming said almost word for word what I wanted to write about drumming. I know those who have been walking the spiritual path for many years are hearing the call to come back to nature and the natural flow of the circle. To our own unique rhythms, we can now turn around and give others a helping hand so they wake up in the joy and magic so readily available if you know where to look.

Please visit the website to this new video called the shift movie http://www.theshiftmovie.com

..you need to wait until they get through the half empty part, the wake up call, to get to the half full part, the hope!



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This is our Song of

Gratitude & Appreciation

World Wide Drumming

for the Earth

September 20, 2008, Fall Equinox, noon – 2

Lawn of the Legislature, Victoria, Songhees Traditional Territory

In these – much out of balance – times, Gaia is asking us to come together in gratitude to celebrate all the gifts she shares so freely with us and to pledge our support for her in return

Don’t have a drum?  Come anyway… your voice and energy is needed

Need a chair?  Get in touch with the organizer

Please join us in this special circle to share our love and appreciation

of the best (and only) home we have in a strong and clear voice


Marianne Sämann-Wyss

msw@islandnet.com www.islandnet.com/~msw

250 382-3582

The attitude of gratitude is probably the greatest antidote to the confusion and rhetoric of these times and we need many, many people to join us in this.

I ask for your help and support to spread the message, may that be by forwarding this message and/or the attached poster, inviting your friends and families or by being there in body and spirit.  There are no drums needed if you don’t have one, a couple of sticks or rocks or your hands clapping together is good enough.

We need hundreds of people from all walks of life who are willing to join hands and declare “enough is enough.  For once, we have enough of focusing on what’s dysfunctional because we know that this only creates more dysfunctions, for once we will use the law of attraction to create together what all of us really want… clean air and water, soil that grows healthy food locally, forests that support all life including people making a living from these forests, oceans that once again team with life, and people living as equals among other equals, people being grateful for what they have, the abundance our home planet is so willing to share when we receive it with gratitude and with our human and non-human brothers and sisters in mind.”

Please join us to create heaven on earth… not something we would like to see sometime in the future, not something someone else is creating for us, but using gratitude to drum, sing, dance and dream it into being… RIGHT NOW.   Participation in a circle like this also helps tremendously in focusing your attention on what your contribution in this exiting process of changing the tide is… your gifts, your voice, your dreams may become so much clearer when you come from a joint intention of gratitude.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for!

The circle will be held rain or shine on the front lawn of the legislature, probably around the fountain, and is a family event.  We are abiding by the rules of the place, mostly not selling or promoting anything, except for gratitude, which can’t be sold or bought anyway:-) allow others to enjoy the grounds, leave no littler behind and for this event have no speeches except for the welcoming address by the chief of the Songhees First Nation, the opening and closing of the circle and maybe announcements for songs or dances.  If you need a chair, please bring your own or if you have spare chairs you may want to bring some for elders.

open the door,
there’s magic under the teapot, in your shoestring
and in the wind outside, chanting to you
Marina Medici

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Love is inside us

We are not alone, there are so many lonely people looking outside of themselves to find Love. Love is inside us Elder Dave Courchene Jr. teaches, “Stop looking to others to find love, we all have a spirit inside of us, love is right within us.”Many Masters tell humanity, “All answers are within each of us.” I believe that is because the answers come from Love, no matter what name you chose to use: Intuition, your Higher Self, or flashes of inspiration.

The Master Osho, explains this very simply; “Turn the focus inward”, How?,Think about this…Osho says, “we are already used to watching. Everybody is watching… what the other person is doing, what the other person is wearing, how they look, what they drive. Watching is not something new to be introduced to our life, so we do not have to learn this; we watch others all the time. However this is the lowest, most superficial kind of watching. We keep ourselves completely unwatched, our whole watching is about others, and that is not of any help.”

“We can begin with the easiest form of watching :our body, watch our bodies while walking, sitting, eating, going to bed, this is easiest because it is the most solid.

Then move to subtler experiences. One should start watching the thoughts, and when one becomes and expert at watching thoughts, then move on to feelings and finally to the more vague energies of our moods.”

“The miracle of watching is that, as you are watching the body, your watcher is becoming stronger, as you are watching your thoughts your watcher is becoming stronger and so on and so forth. Watching is an eternal process, we keep going deeper and deeper inside ourselves but we never come to the end and say “I have got it!” “Anything that leads us to ourselves”, Osho tells us, is a meditation. “And it is immensely significant to find your own meditation, because in the very finding you will find great joy. And because it is your own finding not some ritual imposed upon you- you will love to go deeper into it. The deeper you go into it, the happier you will feel- peaceful, more silent, more together, more dignified, and more graceful.”

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