my mamma quote

 “My Mama told me that sometimes people have to cry out their tears to make room for a Heart full of Smiles?

I wish my Mother had given me this advice.

For me, I was given the message it was not okay to cry.

Can you relate???

I lost my mother when I was 43,  just 3 and 1/2 weeks after my father passed away.  I was a single mother, running a Yoga studio and I was too busy to properly grieve.

It feels like this year, almost a decade later, as my heart is healing from another deep loss, that I am finally, fully, feeling all my pain.

It is both a gift and a hardship feeling with an open heart.

Sometimes I just want my Mother to talk too, to comfort me.

Since I can’t have that, I sought solace from a Goddess Amulet  Divination set I have.

I received this beautiful meditation, I thought I would share it, as it may  help someone else as it helped me today.

This meditation is a reminder that love of life, love of self, love of all beings is a powerful union that begins first in your own heart. Envision, nurture and share a healthy and whole vision of love.


How might your life have been different, if, deep within, you carried an image of the Great Mother, and, when things seemed very, very bad, you could imagine that you were sitting in the lap of the Goddess,

held tightly….embraced at last.

And, you could hear Her saying to you,

“I love you….I love you and I need you to bring forth your self.”

And, if, in that image, you could see the Great Mother looking to Her daughters, looking to each woman to reveal, in her own life, the beauty, strength, and wisdom of the Mother.

How might your life be different?

Meditation Mother and Child – Infinite Love 

Light a Candle

Bring your left hand to your heart and cover your right hand over your left.

Breathe deeply into the center of your heart and your belly.

With your eyes gazing into the center of the candle, imagine (sense or feel) an iridescent pink and green vibrations gently soothing your “Goddess” heart, pulsing from your left hand around and through your heart center, gently flowing throughout your entire body, returning into your right hand and back to your heart again, soothing your “child” heart.

Let the fiery energy of love intensify as you visualize first being the Mother Goddess and then a small child. Imagine feeling the infinite flow of love that weaves between you, the Goddess and you, Her child.

Feel every cell awaken and tingle. Before you finish, ground the energy. Direct the vibrations of love down through your feet, into the heart of the Earth for renewing love’s life giving energy.

Taken with Thanks  from “Amulets of the Goddess” – Nancy Blair


Happy Mother’s Day!



Its April Full Moon 2014 with an eclipse just like April 2013!

I pray people don’t have such swift and life altering changes that I went through last year.


Last year, this month is one I will never forget, as an Anniversary of Madness while on a Merriment Mission. How crazy is that??

What is interesting is the theme last year for people was to  “Be the Voice”. Those 3 words were what I fought to keep alive. I showed up to the best of my ability for every Full Moon in 2013 and even though I didn’t Blog I created videos that shared some of last years story.

It is a story that was too painful to share fully, I almost died last April when my Beloved went Bat Shit crazy two days after he joined me in the Full Moon, which was on the 25th last year.

There is a recording of us doing the live Full moon ritual, singing sacred songs, our intent for the children of the world…

however the first 15 minutes I didn’t have the mic on…so if you are going to watch it use the scroll button at the bottom to the 15 min mark.


Here is a video with one of the songs I collected last year, you may just find useful to sing if you are going through transition.

“Keep ur heart open and strong
you know every night needs a song
Because the journeys rugged and long
keep your heart open and strong. ”

Next I’ll share the story of how I was almost killed two days after April 2013 Full Moon.

Have you ever been curious about what goes on at a Full Moon Ritual?
Have you ever been to and/or lead a Full Moon Ritual?
Now in 2013, you have the opportunity to join live or watch the recording!
(The Moon dates and times are at the end of this post, I suggest bookmarking this)

I would love for you to be a part of Co-creating with Community each months Ritual!!

Besides the intent to connect with the youth and children through a contribution of songs
To me, honoring the Full moon with ritual, is the highest expression of what Feminine Spirituality really means. Ritual is within the word Spiritual, and at the time of the Full moon we create sacred space to remind us of who we are. Spirit in Body.

Structure with Spontaneity

To create the sacred space, we sing to the Grandmothers of the 4 directions, we visualize pulling down the energy of the moon to fill and encircle us with healing energy, and then send it out to the world. A card is picked for the month and I may be offering the Yoga Cosmic Breath energy tool in the months to come.

The spontaneity comes from the contribution of the songs, chants, drumming, rattles, and any other way merriment wants to reveal itself….we just create the space and be open to the Divine Creative flow.

For Example

The songs that we recorded in Jan. had some songs for children, we opened with Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and another we sang was itsy, bitsy spider  along with the hand movements. Then I taught some Sacred Songs which always weaves the beauty of words into vibrations of magic when song under the influence of the Moon.
Healers and Wisewoman have been using the full moon for generations for blessings, askings and giving thanks by using chants and songs to vocally project vibrations into the Universe to actualize the force of attraction.


What if you could contribute a song or chant and dedicate it to someone, who would that be?523265_361445900629914_2134978644_n

Can you imagine the extra blessings come from the group energy as each person is held in a loving space as they sing on behalf of:

Their children, child, grandchildren, unborn child/grandchildren,

Mother, Father, Grandparent, brother, sister, lover, friend, mentor..etc.

And it is recorded and shared with that person!! Do you think it would touch a persons heart. I know I would touched!

And if anytime throughout the month if the world gets to much for you and you feel you are out of balance, out of tune, or just feeling isolated and alone. Please come back to the Heart Centered space of our songs. To be reminded, We are all one in this Universe.

Uni-One ~Verse-Song

The first step is to sign up at the virtual yoga studio Yoga logo 1 small


This video helps you access Jan’s  recording and how to skip through the first 15 min’s (I didn’t have the sound on) I call it the blooper episode 🙂

2013 Full moon Celebration days and times
Sun Jan 27 at 11:00 am PST ~***Available for replay watch the video
  • Feb   ~         Mon 25th  at 01:00 pm PST
  • March~       Wed  27th at 01:00 pm PST
  • April ~         Thu  25th at 01:00 pm PST
  • May ~          Sat  25th at 06:00 pm PST
  • June ~         Sun  23rd at 10:00 am PST
  • July ~           Mon  22nd at 01:00 pm PST
  • August ~      Wed  21st at 01:00 pm PST
  • September ~Thu 19th at 01:00 pm PST
  • October ~     Fri  18th at 01:00 pm PST
  • November ~ Sun  17th at 11:00 am PST
  • December  ~ Tue  17th at 01:00 pm PST

“We are the music makers,

And we are the dreamers of dreams,

Wandering by lone sea breakers,

And sitting by desolate streams;

World-losers and world-forsakers,

On whom the pale moon gleams:

Yet we are the movers and the shakers

Of the world forever it seems” ~John Williams 1849

Even if you don’t want to contribute a song the first time, please join us and lend your energy!

May these words from my friend Lynn Rose inspire you:

“What’s YOUR song? What’s important to YOU? What’s calling to you?…Don’t let anything hold you back, do everything in your power to move through what comes up so that you share all of who you are, all of who you’re meant to be and all you’re meant to express. I once was shut down & closed off. To be feeling fully alive now and to be able to express…is sheer JOY!

Bright Blessings and Big Love as we dream and sing in a new world together



A Public, Virtual, Interactive, Full moon ritual each month of the year!!

Please share to spread this merriment mission..many thanks xo

Do you feel the call to bring your gifts and talents forth more strongly to make the world a better place?

You are not alone!

“In the course of history, there comes a time when humanity is called to shift to a new level of consciousness, to reach a higher moral ground. A time when we have to shed our fear and give hope to each other. That time is now.” — Wangari Maathai

I got called in the middle of Jan. to say “Yes” to a creative idea. From what appeared to be an, out of nowhere, like a lightning bolt of determination and passion to give my gifts in a Bigger way.

In the last post I shared the Vision: to give and gather songs during each Full Moon of 2013 to leave as a legacy for the children. 316621_2574196281219_1443664173_2973948_1025505106_n

The intent: Be The Voice, by contributing and collaborating together to let the children know we care.

Today, I want to share how you can access the recording of the songs and full moon ritual and the merriment and fun this interactive, intimate, platform provides.

I was more than a little “nervous”
 about bringing the Jan. Full Moon live
…because I  honestly didn’t know
whether I would 
be able to pull it off.
 It has taken me a couple of weeks to figure out how to write the details to view the recording at this new virtual platform.
I decided to make a instructional video, and it is in two parts.
The first video explains the vision with the (Map) tutorial to access the

recording after someone has signed up at the learn it live platform.

Step 1 ~ Sign up at virtual yoga studio

Step 2 ~ Watch this Video to Navigate to the first Session (Jan Full Moon)

Step 3 ~ Watch this video for quick back story of this mission and learn one of the songs

The meaning of merriment from wikipedia


Gaiety and fun.
mirth – gaiety – joy – hilarity – glee – frolic

Modern Version of Merriment

Joyful ~ Juicy~Succulent~Unapologetic, Inner Child Spontaneity

These Full Moon Rituals are interactive
and you don’t even have to show up at
my doorstep in BC Canada…saving you time, money and energy.
Do you have a song or chant you can contribute?
When something is important enough you just fit it in.”
Singing as a Movement in Consciousness





For centuries women of many cultures have met on the full moon. In this way they could support each other in deepening their understanding of themselves, others, the Gods, the Goddesses and the cycles of the Earth. Some gathered in temples, ruins, churches, teepees, yurts, tents and others created sacred circles in nature.

Now in our modern times we can connect through technology without ever having to leave our homes. What is the purpose and intent to gather on the full moons and share songs.
The overall intent is to Be the Voice, letting the children of the world know we care enough to commit to recording a collection of sacred songs for them.

 I ‘m on a mission to bring back the old ways of merriment using the Full Moons of 2013 in a virtual platform for our modern times.

This is an open invitation for all people to participate in sharing, giving and gathering songs and chants from across the globe.
Full moons hold an energy of magic that can empower our lives as we come together for a common goal we start resonating as One! As we open our voices and hearts through these sing-a-longs we will also be granted with Fearlessness, Love and Courage. This will not only strengthen our inner “Chi” energy, it will also bring wisdom and enhance our intuition.

Instruments like drums and rattles are not required but are always welcome.

Imagine a community of voices coming together to sing chants and songs from around the world to leave as a legacy for the children! Gathering on Full moons is a way to connect the children and youth to Feminine Spirituality. The word Ritual is in the word “Spiritual” Honoring the Full moon in a conscious way helps develop intuition and doorways to your souls calling.

“Together We can dream a better dream for our children, our children’s children and future generations..WE can create, manifest, bring forth, & intend a better world for them.”

Backstory~ This idea was fostered from a Promise that has become a soul contract that I made to my Granddaughter when she was 2 weeks old. Now she is four and our biggest connecting link is through songs. Chants and songs have long been a form of communication, one generation to the next. Would you add your voice with a song or chant to connect future generations to the wisdom of the Elders?

I want to create a space that nobody cares if you can’t sing well. Just show up and sing. We can leave a legacy of Great Songs not because of their technique; but because of their passion they invoke in us.

Follow this link to get all the dates and times for the year


The first event is Sunday, Jan. 27th at 11:00 am pacific time

I hope you will grace the platform with your presence and perhaps even jump in with a song to share….for the children.

You will become as Great as your Dominant aspiration.

If you Cherish a Vision, a lofty ideal in your heart you will realize it.

                                                                                                  James Allen

Sept2012 002

It has been more than a month since I made an entry to this blog. The last time was the quickest post I ever wrote and it was a deep piece that offended many people. I had 900 subscribers from my Facebook page leave and 30 Twitter followers.

How’s that for rocking the boat and having the courage to care enough to share a message that could be one source of why people in Western societies put up with lies and broken promises?

Even though I have been away from blogging, I have not been idle on my promise to my Granddaughter. Since Nov. 2012 I have been doing a video series called “RecordKeeping for Kaitlyn” on youtube.

I realize that most of my posts on this blog for 2012 have been on the Cosmic Breath Technique and after I shared the process for 12.12.12 I took a bit of time-out and I realized what truly matters to me is connecting with the children. I have left a legacy of giving for years and some parts of my journey in my book include my connection to Native Elder Dave Courchene and the Children and the seeds that were planted before my granddaughter was even born.


In this video I share a Native Prophecy from my mentor and a time we gathered before the war in 2002 and him asking us to help children discover their spirit. At the end of the video I name a problem of women not finding their voices to speak what has always been important to us, The babies and the Children!


I found a solution that will help open women’s voices and hearts at the same time. Singing. More to the point sharing songs and chants that can be recorded and left as a legacy for the children. These will be held at the Virtual yoga studio on Full moons in 2013 to add more potency to empower everyone! Read the intent and get the schedule at this link before Sun. Jan 27th the first full moon.

Gathering on Full Moons to leave a Legacy of Songs

There is a 2 min. video explaining more that will greet you at the yoga studio so I won’t include it now.

This video I sing a part of a chant and share more of how the platform at the studio will work

And finally here is a 17 sec. video of my Daughter and Granddaughter singing me a song via Skype (Skype is how I’ve watched Kaitlyn grow up thus far)

I invite you to watch the video on youtube and please subscribe to my channel to stay connected to the “Recordkeeping for Kaitlyn” as we collectively journey through this time together.

Show the Children WE Care and think globally. Sharing in sing-a-longs is one way to adventurously expand our scope in the world.
Please Help me connect to the children by passing this open invitation along.Gathering on Full Moons to leave a Legacy of Songs



 I believe, We are all born innocent, despite what I was taught with my Catholic upbringing “We are born Sinners”

160px-Theodor_Kardinal_Innitzer_-001-Do you think this Cardinal knew exactly what the Church was doing by creating a culture who told children they where  being naughty or nice during the Christmas Season???


“…..YOU better watch out, YOU better not cry, YOU better not pout, I’m telling you why…Santa Claus is coming to town
What has Santa really given us????….In all honesty, this has left behind centuries of damaged children and Adults with damaged inner child’s.

Here’s why:

  1. Think on this: As children, we are told that Santa is watching us, and making a list of who is naughty or nice.
  2. Think on this: The first half of December as adults we are preparing and feeding into this lie, with building the excitement, building the excitement. Then IMAGINE A little five year-old gets caught up in the excitement and acts it out,  full of piss and vinegar. And what do the stressed out adults do, the ones who created the over top reactions. We try to dim the child’s light and use the most damaging words. “You are being naughty, and Santa will not come.”
  3. Think on this: One year this five-year old gets a bit older and then has the deepest psychological wound of their life. This child finds out that the most beloved holidays and his favorite person, is all a Lie.
  4. Think on This: That child is now seven and has a younger brother or sister and now is taught to feed into this lie.
  5. Think on This: This child is brought to sit on a big, fat, old Man’s lap every year and prompted to ask for, “what they want for Christmas” and get their picture taken. But come Christmas morning, there may or may not be the delivered promise of the toy they really wanted. Even though they felt they were good, did all the right things,writing a letter, cleaning their room, leaving cookies and milk.
  6. Think on this: That child is now an adult and because the culture has fed him or her lies as a child. They feel powerless and go along with the Authorities, mainly the Government who make empty promises, tell lies, and have you believe you are good or bad based on how much you have.


HERE’S A CRAZY IDEA ~ Instead of Christmas next year we hold a JUBILEE
“In Judaism and Christianity, the concept of the Jubilee is a special year of remission of sins and universal pardon. In the Biblical Book of Leviticus, a Jubilee year is mentioned to occur every fiftieth year, in which slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven and the mercies of God would be particularly manifest.’

Try on this simple solution~

GETTING REAL see it for a game that it really is. We take this myth WAY too Seriously….and we are all walking around with deep wounds because of it.
Just think about how happy other cultures are that do not feed into this, they don’t have a lot to be happy, because they have each other and that is what really matters.
Why don’t we tell the children from a young age, we are ALL playing a game. AND STOP IMMEDIATELY WITH THE BIGGEST LIE, THAT SOME OLD MAN HAS THE AUTHORITY, HAS THE POWER, TO JUDGE US….
COME ON FOLKS, I MEAN REALLY, REALLY, do we need to keep up with  conditioning our 4, 5, 6-year-old children that they are naughty or nice….. because some man says so…and our parents agree with him….wow!
 I’ve started it off ..WHAT CAN YOU ADD?
  • The obvious is their names and being older men
  • Santa wears Red~ Satan wears Red
  • Santa goes down the Chimney where fire burns~ Satan is down in Hell where fire burns

Anything else you can add??

Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Just because we’ve always done something doesn’t mean it’s the best thing or the right thing to do. When we know better, we can choose better.“~ Colleen Patrick-Goudrea

Whether you have a lot or a little you are LOVABLE

I LOVE YOU, we are all brothers and sisters…even if we are damaged